Professor Griff Breaks Down Obama's Broken Promises

A small business is any business that is not categorized as a Fortune 500 business. 90% of Americans work at companies that are considered to be a small businesses. Both small business owners and their employees are begining to suffer due to the policies that restrict their growth. That can only spell disaster to the American people.More and more business are choosing to hire less people in order to sustain all the taxes they must pay and regulations they must follow.

The goal is to ELIMINATE the middle-class as we know it, the gap of wealth is growing and it results in a negative trickle effect. Obama is a robot for big bankers.

As a person who believes in entrepreneurship and would be categorized as a small business it disturbs me that people refuse to wake up before their families and love ones are affected. Charisma and being a facade of greatness coming from the Black community is not enough.

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