Homeless Bum Uses Girl To Make Money

Teenage runaway befriends homeless bum who confines her to a broken down van and forces her into prostitution"
Though this girl was a runaway I want to reveal the ENERGY of how ALL children and teenagers are in this era.

Like no other time in history its very IMPORTANT to watch over teenagers and young children in our environments. Despite how inconceivable it may seem human sex trafficking has become so common in society and such a money maker for the scums of this earth, minors are being targeted more and more.

Think about it: Prostitution as well as the porn industry is luring in more and more souls to the point of addiction. What happens when demand out weighs the supply? How many impressionable adult women can be convinced, abducted, and intimidated into the lifestyle of prostitution and the porn industry?

Keep in mind I'm addressing the ENERGY of supply and demand. Many adult women slowly find their way into prostitution. They may start out being sexually explicit like video and magazine models and progress downhill. Some become strippers, enter the pornography industry and eventually become prostitutes. All the activities stated come with the reality that most of these women develop an alcohol and drug abuse problem. These types of abuses often lock these women into their destructive lifestyle.

But what is the ENERGY of adult women in the pornography industry and those who are prostitutes? Though they are in environments that have ENERGIES that convince them to go deeper and deeper into self-exploitation in most cases they make the decision to progress downhill. Yes it's an emotional decision! Yes in most cases these decisions revolve around the ENERGY of despair but at the end of the day it's a decision they make and they're exploited by it.

Children and teenagers on the other hand can easily be exploited.

They are weaker physically, more impressionable and are easily intimidated by imposing adults. More and more teenagers and children will be snatched and forced into prostitution. Adults normally make decisions for children and enforce these decisions on the child with the child having little choice. It makes teenagers and children the perfect source of "supply" for the demand that is growing amongst men with sexual and pornography addictions. The demand cannot cease while grown women are being conditioned to accept performing certain acts. They must be psychologically broken down to eliminate resistance and the possibility of resistance is always present. A child on the other hand can be easily conditioned to accept any reality they are forced into, especially when they have little outside contact.. There has to be a steady supply to satisfy demand.

Teenage girls are especially at high risk because though they are not adults a teenage girl can be passed off as being older. Many sick men will try to convince themselves the teenager is older than they're real age in order to cope with being a weak, sick spirit that victimizes minors. 

This topic can be more complex but let me end by making a couple of points:
  1. For those who have children you must watch them, in fact ALL children must be protected. Make sure you have a check in policy with your children when they leave the house. Report your children if they have ran away from home like the girl in this case.
  2. Warn children about the danger of befriending older men and women who they don't know through a family member or friend. Even in those cases explain they must use caution.
  3. Men who solicit prostitutes should not only seek help and self-control but they must not ignore prostitutes who seem extremely young even if they are not with that particular prostitute. I fear many men will not report being led to a child/teenage prostitute because they do not want to expose themselves.
  4. People must realize the more they fuel pornography the more addicted men will seek to live out their thoughts, the more the need for supply goes up and this results in more children and teenagers being victimized because they are deemed easier targets.

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