Supporting Black Beauty Companies: Make Your Move in 2013

Challenge yourself for the New Year and every year thereafter to do more than complain about the absence of economical power amongst Black people in our communities.

I don't want to condemn the lack of consciousness and ignorance that is prevalent in the community. Most people go through life seeking the easiest way to make it through their lives on a day by day basis. Often-times consumers purchase products based how easy it is to obtain them, the products price and the marketing appeal of the product.

When it comes to Black haircare many consumers will also get confused and purchase products that features Black models who appeal to the desired condition they would like their hair to reflect. These models create a glitch in the mind because they send an ENERGY that the product is a Black product for Black haircare. While the product might be designed for Black haircare, one must remember 9 out of 10 times, if the product is in a non-Black owed beauty supply store, the product was not created by a Black person*. People have the consciousness to look for products that have certain ingredients they deem necessary for their beauty needs, but there is a major link missing.

Who makes these products, who benefits from the revenue generated and which communities benefit from this revenue? Does the money you spend result in the creation of jobs and the strengthening of interests and programs that build Black families?

99 percent of the time the answer is "No". We have an uncanny habit and tendency to make others rich by giving them money that could help strengthen ourselves. Picture yourself standing on the rooftop of a high-rise building and throwing money into the air. Or better yet picture yourself taking a handful of money and flushing it down the toilet. This represents the ENERGY of how many Black people engage in their spending habits.

It's not as hard as one may think to make the conscious choice to support Black Beauty Companies, you just have to make the decision to do so.
  1. Pick A Black own Beauty Company even when you buy other products on occasion. Be loyal to these companies and only recommend those products to others. Never recommend products that are not Black owned, "Why"? because people will naturally stumble across products marketed by big corporations and purchase them. Products created and manufactured by Black businesses need to be pushed and supported. Many do not have the marketing power as major companies.
  2. Pass on information about Black Beauty companies and constantly mention how empowered you feel when you take action and go beyond the stagnant, worthless stage of complaining with no action.
 Here is a list of Black Owned Beauty Companies for Men and Women**
Ada Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup for Women of Color - Ada Cosmetics
Advina Natural:
Afrikan Republic: www.afrikanrepublic. com
Akamuti OK: Akamuti ® - 100% Natural Skincare
Annette Cosmetiques - Annette2 Cosmetiques
Anita Grant -
Ari Hair and Body: www.arihairandbody.c om
Barry Fletcher - Barry Fletcher Products - District Heights, MD
Beauty by Donna Marie -
Beauty Genesis -
Bee Mine:
Black Hair Growth - Black Hair Growth - Grow Healthy Black, African, and Afro-Caribbean Hair
Blended Beauty -
Boundless Tresses - Growth Specifics, Boundless Tresses
Bronner Bros. - Products
Bubble-Up - BubbleUp, Ltd. ::
Carol's Daughter - www.carolsdaughter.c om
Cheryl Moss:
Cornrows and Co:
Cowrie Shell:
Created By Nature:
Curls -
Curls by Sisters Smith - Sales/Announcements
Curl Harmony -
Curl Junkie - Curly Hair Care Products for Naturally Beautiful Curls - Curl Junkie Hair Products - Addicted to Curls!
Darcy's Botanicals:
DeLousie's Naturals: De Louise Naturals - Home
**Dudley Products:
Ebene - Ebene - Natural Hair and Body Care, Non-toxic, Organic Hair and Body Care
Ebene Kids - Natural Hair Care Products for Children with Curly, kinky hair
Ebony of Essence:
E'tae - E'Tae Products
Eugenia - (French Vendor)
Grow Afro Hair Long - Afro Hair Regimen
Hair Veda - Home
Hairobics - Natural Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Products for Black Hair, Thinning Hair, Conditioner, Shampoo, Dandruff Control, Scalp Treatment, Hair Growth Products for Men and Women, Skin Care Beauty Products, Hair Vitamins – Hairobics All Natural
Happy People Only:
Healing Herbs by Renee:
Healthy Hair Plus - Hair Products | Hair Care, Hair Care Products and hair beauty products - Shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, hair treatments and hair accessories and appliances for healthy hair!
Hydratherma Naturals:
Inky - www.inkylovesnature. com
Jamaican Mango & Lime Products - Jamaican Mango & Lime Products
Karen's Body Beautiful -
Khemistry Kosmetiks:
Kimble Hair Care System - www.kimblehaircare.c om
Kinky Curly -
Koils by Nature:
Kynk -
LaVida - http://www.lavidagivenbynat
Leanna's - Leanna's Natural Hair Products
Lisa Akbari-
Long Lovely Locks - Long Lovely Locks Organic Hair Care Products - Handmade - Cruelty Free and Vegan Hair Care
Madame Walker:
Mineral Indulgence:
Miss Jessie's -
Mixed Chicks -
My Asha's - Asha's...Handmade Natural Products that Nurture
My Honey Child -
Nadia (She Scent It) Shescentit - Natural Care for beautiful hair.
Nattral: : Health : Culture : Style (knitware)
Nature Essential Ingredients:
New Bein' - Welcome to New Bein' on the web
Nubian Heritage - Nubian Heritage - Your All-Natural and Organic Skin Care Source / Home
Njoi Creations: njoicreations
Northwest Scents:
Nubian Silk - Black Hair Care Products | Nubian Silk Black Hair Care Product |
Nubian Kinks:
Ohn Products:
Organic Root Stimulator - http://www.organicrootstimu
The Original Fragrance Shop: http://www.theoriginalfragranceshop....php?p=1_5_Hair
Oyin -
Price Treatments - Pricewell Special Treatment For Fragile Hair
Products of the Earth:
Saniyyah… Naturally -
Sheabutter Cottage UK - Sheabutter Cottage
Sheago: Sheago | Loving Yourself
Sisterlocks -
Stuz Organic Hair Solutions - StuzTemplate
Sunrise Products - Sunrise Products
Sweet Nature by Eddie:
Taliah Waajid - Braids, Weaves & Things
Taria's Curls -
Treasured Locks - Black Hair Care, African American Hair Care, Natural Hair, Black Hair Style, Black Hair Growth, Biracial Hair Care
Qhemet Biologics - www.qhemetbiologics. com
UBH (Cathy Howse) - www.ubhpublications. com
Unkle Funky's Daughter:
Vontè - vonte movie
Wanakee - HairOil.Com - Verifen Complex

*Note: When you see this Logo you know that the product is Blacked owned. However Not ALL Black owed Beauty Companies will have the AHBAI logo:

**As a Licensed Cosmetologist My Personal Favorite

If you would like to add to this list please email me at

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