A Comment to Lift the Spirits

No! You wicked so call black women are the world's ( societies of nations) mockery being that you all are too stupid to see anything nor do you all listen but, that's why smart not simple black men happiness rightfully so else where.

It is written in Micah 7:10. Black women are our worst enemies as black men and any so call black man that can not see that, then he is blind as a bat and is not even on my conversational level at all so, you need to wake up before it's too late for simple ones.

I want two things to be felt when absorbing the ENERGY of the above statements.
  1. I want it to reflect the NECESSITY of Alpha Black men to come against this spirit and ENERGY to maintain the sanity of Black women.
  2. Black women must learn to block out this type of ENERGY and realize issues reside in men like this that go beyond them as an individual.

I might be strong enough to see past statements such as these but for many Black women the constant barrage of negativity coming from some Black men weighs on their soul.

Guess what is and will happen?

Black women will change? NO

They will become harder, more defiant and numb. There is nothing worst than beating down the spirit of a woman. Woman should be in a nurturing position not concentrated on defending themselves from attacks. When this occurs the women of the tribe, race, community will become HARDENED and only pain for all can follow. Stay Tuned!

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