Analyzing the Flesh Eating and Mutilation Incidents (Drugs and Demons, Conspiracy, Mental illness)

I always respond to article requests, even if it takes me some time due to wanting to research and absorb the ENERGY of the subject as much as I can. So I'm writing the following article because a site viewer wanted to know what I thought about the recent flesh eating incidents.

I must say that though I wrote an article about Rudy Eugene eating the face of a homeless man in Miami prior to this. I wrote that article only taking into account what the investigators stated. But, due to the suggestion of a viewer and the fact that I still found myself trying to get a feel for the incident and how something so horrific could occur, I wanted to go deeper.

In doing so, the Universe explained that this type of thing happens many times, but on this occasion it simply happened out in the open and has the full attention of mainstream media.

And to be truthful I know that cannibalism is a hidden practice engaged in by many throughout the world. Despite this, as the viewer of this site urged I feel the need to revisit the story and absorb it more. Particularly since there was another incident in Baltimore where a Morgan State student, chopped up his roommate and admitted to eating his heart and part of his brain. But wait there was yet another incident where a man stabbed himself  44 times and threw part of his intestines at police officers. In that case he did not eat parts of himself or anyone else but the incident shares the same ENERGY of being in a madden rage.

In any case, these incidents only represent three recent occurrences, I was able to find a couple of other horrific mutilations and flesh eating incidents done at the hands of this race in this country.

First, I want to talk about another incident that was sent to me by a viewer of my site and why I think the Universe used her to send me this information.

Not long ago Mike Tyson revealed the violent and paranoid thoughts he had while under the influence of cocaine and other drugs. In my article "Mike Tyson Battled Demons When He Was High", I included a podcast that explained that drugs and alcohol can be used as conveyors For Dark ENERGY to enter a person.

This is an indisputable fact. There are many people who have done things while they where under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Things they normally wouldn't do. I explained the extreme danger that is posed when many Black people take drugs, particularly when exposed to certain ENERGIES.

Why do you think I did this? Do you think I did this because I want to bother Black people and tear the race down?

No, I did this taking into consideration the conditions many Black people live in, the environments many come from and the level of aggression, oppression and frustration that is present in many Black people's lives. I particularly focused on Black men because many of them are living the "street life" which is a jungle and hell and they develop hostile thoughts in order to deal with this type of lifestyle. They often try to operate while motivated by negative mentalities.

Because their thoughts are negative, and they live around a lot of violence. Dark ENERGY constantly uses Black men to commit horrific crimes by convincing them they must do so in order to survive or make a statement. In other words, crimes no longer revolve around simply defending oneself, crimes are committed as a way of communication and to impart fear on others. Though Dark ENERGY (the Devil) has convinced Black men this is necessary for their survival, in reality it only manifests and creates a stronger ENERGY and cycle of what they want to escape. The more violent acts they commit the more violence comes to them. The more aggressive they are the more aggression they attract.

The more retaliation deaths committed, the more that ENERGY grows. The more guns Black men have the more other Black men will armor themselves with guns. The more Black men use guns without hesitation the more other Black men will do the same. They are locked in bondage due to mentalities given to them by darkness and its a vicious cycle.

So what is my point?

You cannot have a group of men who live and think in negative ways who are around these ENERGIES and not expect drugs to effect them the worst when they are taken. As I explained before drugs can be used as a conveyor to Dark ENERGY so Dark ENERGY can tell these men to do anything when they are high. The more mind altering the drug the stronger a demon can exert itself.

To get this race to understand this spiritual reality, I always tell Black people if I was Dark ENERGY (the Devil) I would hang around Black communities and send my demons there the most. Why? Because I can catch many souls in concentration, instead of sporadically. Catching souls and convincing Black people to do negative acts would be life a fisherman who goes to sea, throws out a net and catches thousands of fish at a time. I would know these people are easily lead, and need less convincing to follow me. Others are the same but catching them would be more sporadic because they don't live in concentrated situations where negative mentalities effect minds in large clusters.

So here's the recipe
Live in a Negative Environment
Live with Pressure to be Negative
Have Constant Negative Thoughts
Listen to Negative Thoughts Repeatedly through Music
Take Drugs and/or alcohol = = =
Easy Possession Victim

There have been cases in other communities where just combining the last two ingredients caused a person to act violently. They only needed to take mind altering drugs and then listen to negative music to become possessed and commit violence.

Unfortunately, Dark ENERGY (the Devil) can place many thoughts in the minds of many Black men who are subjected to negative "group think".

So let's look us look at a case sent to me by a viewer that demonstrates Dark ENERGIES ability to possess people who summons it's ENERGY through negative thought and drug use.

Antron Singleton aka: Big Lurch eats the Flesh of his Female Roommate------Drugs and Demons

In 2008 Antron Singleton aka: Big Lurch a rapper out of Texas, killed and ate his female roommate after taking PCP. Now it must be understood that PCP was a drug he was familiar with and he took it often. Now lets study his lyrics and what I believe to be a progression of him summoning stronger and stronger demonic forces.

Here's lyrics from his song "Texas Boy" which states his PCP usage and what it can make him do and think:
You fucking around with some niggas thaExplaint's high off of formaldehyde(PCP)

That zude the bang, sooths the brain before I do a hit (I'm already) From the land of the wet cigarettes
So he's acknowledges PCP puts him in a state that allows him to suppress emotion to where he can commit heinous acts with no care. Some might consider being in such a state as being like a zombie.

Let's dig deeper, the following lyrics can definitely be used as a door opener to summon demonic ENERGIES. These are the lyrics to Big Lurch's rap "I Did It To You".
[Intro] You know I just killed this song fool Yea that nigga dead fool Nothing but your murder nigga, uh yeah uh

[Hook] Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson And all of your friends I'mma finsta school ya 'Cuz murder's a hobby I'm using a torture chamber and not a Ruger So if you wake up in a puddle of blood nigga I did it to you (x2)

[Verse 1] There's a million ways to die, million ways to kill So I'mma set an example out of a mothafucka without my steel 'Cuz im like a hungry lion I moves in for the slaughter Killing for the simplest things, twenty dollar bills and even quarters I'm like a vampire, nigga, fresh meat, I can't pass it Walking down the street with a seringe, injecting fools with battery acid Leaving your mama singing the blues, nigga I'm bad news I watch you sink to the bottom of the ocean wearing cement shoes When I was born the doctor twisted up the facts He said that I was a devil's son so now I'm having flash backs The preacher almost drown-ded me at baptism So the sixth year anniversary of my birth, I had to get him So call the coroner 'cuz Lucky Lurch just warming up Dead bodies, still decapitating niggas with maggots swarming them Cuz murders a hobby, I'm using torture chambers and not a Ruger So if you wake up in a puddle of blood nigga I did it you. (x2)

[Hook - x2]

[Verse 2] Late in the afternoon the mailman was delivering So I threw him in my house, slit his throat and left him shivering Just because my social security check came to late And I wasn't gonna make it to the bank, so he had to meet his death date One day I'm kicking it with the homies and the neighbors got mad at us So I threw him in my basement to kick it with my baby snakes and rattlers They shouldn't of told that me that the ATF was gonna rage Just because we in the backyard blowing up dynamite sticks and grenades I called the Domino's pizza man while watching the football game And it made mad after he didn't show up when thirty minutes came So when the doorbell rang I fucked him up like a mobster While my baby mama complaining that she got fingers up in her pasta I went to the speaker shop to get 18s on my truck But when I got in my ride I didn't like the way they hooked up (uh) Because the amp would turn off whenever it wasn't cold He got in my truck to fix it, I turned up the beat and watched his ears explode So call the coroner 'cuz Lucky Lurch just warming up Dead bodies still decapitating niggas with maggots swarming them 'Cuz murders a hobby, I'm using a torture chamber and not a Ruger So if you wake up in a puddle of blood nigga I did it to you

[Hook - x2]

[Verse 3] I'll make you play tug of war with barb wire Put salt on your wounds, gas on your clothes, and start a fire Let it burn for two minutes and put it out Take the puss out your wounds and put that shit up in your mouth I don't give a fuck about my enemies nigga, I done lost it I'll stick your hands in a freezer until them mothafuckas is frosted And then I'll turn on the heater and watch them thaw While you agonizing in pain, I'll simply break yo jaw So call the coroner 'cuz Lucky Lurch just warming up Dead bodies still decapitating niggas with maggots swarming them 'Cuz murders a hobby, I'm using a torture chamber and not a Ruger So if you wake up in a puddle of blood nigga, I did it you


[Outro] Murder, kill kill kill kill, murder murder murder murder, kill kill kill 'Cuz murders a hobby I'm using a torture chamber and not a Ruger So if you wake up in a puddle of blood nigga, I did it to you
The above lyrics where used against Antron Singleton aka Big Lurch during his trial.

What did Antron Singleton, Big Lurch do?
Tynisha ysais's chest had been torn open and a three-inch blade was found broken off in her shoulder blade. Teeth marks were found on her face and lungs, which had been torn from her chest. Eyewitnesses reported that when Singleton was picked up by police, he was naked in the middle of the street, covered in blood and staring at the sky. When asked why he killed her, he responded by saying that the devil was inside of her and that he needed to kill the devil!
A medical examination performed shortly after his capture found human flesh in his stomach which was not his own. Reports allegedly showed that teeth marks;were found on her chest and lungs.
This occurred after Big Lurch made the above song off the album "It's All Bad".

As I stated before because of the life some Black men lead, Dark ENERGY (the Devil) can get these men to do many violent acts. This is demonstrated in our communities. The bulk of the vicious acts committed are done while the person is under some form of drugs and alcohol because It enables the mind to suppress  emotion, while heightening inhibition which lessens the ability to feel empathy while inflicting pain.

Another Bizarre Case--------Drugs and Demons
This case was written about in Vernon J. Geberth's book "Practical Homocide Investigations". Vernon is a former NY homicide detective.
I had my suspicions about this case and picture but after looking up Vernon J. Geberth it seems that he is well known and respected in law enforcement circles. In fact his book his referred to in educational institutes.

What is my point of overall point of the two cases of Antron Singleton and this incident?

A person that already has a volatile nature and lives around negativity which produces negative thoughts is dangerous while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They can be used by Dark ENERGY. The same person will summon a stronger more demonic ENERGY when they take mind-altering drugs. 

As more Black men living under certain conditions take PCP and LSD or any of the other mind altering drugs, we will see a level of brutality that was once unknown to the community. PCP and LSD has never been known as a first choice for Black men. But we now live in a society where there's a strong demonic drug culture that encourages people to use all forms of drugs, even drugs made up from a concoction, like "lean" which is a mixture of prescription strength cough syrup and soda

I believe we can stop this growing epidemic that compounds the danger of drugs that are already common in the community.

How do we fight this or lessen it's impact? We have to focus on the youth and cease support to those in the culture that play up drugs. I don't care what celebrities do in their private life, but to link drugs with a part of growing up, partying and living life becomes disastrous because drugs bring the body to a low vibration and cause a person to become stagnant in life. We must counter the actions of Dark ENERGY bombarding the community with negative mentalities by revealing these mentalities through skits and entertainment that reveal how weak the user will become if they go down that path.

Encouraging drug and alcohol use to those who live in conditions that make them similar to mental patients due to stress of their environment is deadly. I've always felt the same about this culture. Because of the environments and conditions many Black people are raised in, the last thing the community needs is a culture that agitates or reinforces this situation. Of course the Universe has revealed to me that a lack of feeling power and control causes many Black people to resort to feeling power through negativity and aggression. They will not face any resistance in trying to feel powerful in those ways.

Experimenting with drugs is becoming common through the encouragement of the culture. Black people are now becoming known for taking drugs that at one time was rare in the community. And yes, this includes PCP, Bath Salts, pill popping and Meth use. Let us be vigilant as a community and monitor the changes this spurs forth, by outing and pinpointing the "agents of destruction" who put these mentalities into the subconsciousness of society.

Two Cases of Conspiracy

Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene------Conspiracy
A Young Eugene

I must say, I was prepared to think of the Miami Cannibal case with Rudy Eugene as being one that revolved around a nice mild mannered man, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Rudy Eugene
  • Was arrested 8 times since the age of 16
  • Didn't know his biological father and began lashing out because of it
  • Moved out at the age of 17
  • Had a Domestic violence incident with his mother in 2004 and threaten to put a gun to her head and kill her
  • He broke items in the home
  • When officers arrived he say "what are you going to do shock me", I"I'll kick your ass"
  • During this dispute he became the first man tasered in North Beach Miami
  • His mother thanked the officers for arriving, because she said he would have killed her
  • His stepfather was so afraid when officers arrived he was outside waiting and didn't want to get involved with the dispute.
  • He married his high school girlfriend Jenny Ductant and she claimed he always felt "people where against him".
  • They divorced 1 1/2 after marrying because Jenny Ductant claimed he was violent towards her
  • His house was foreclosed on in 2011 and he was jumping from job to job.
Friends claim he was trying to get his life together and became greatly involved with church and the Bible. He often carried the Bible wherever he went. They believe he was battling demons and experiencing problems with his family.

His girlfriend states that he only smoked marijuana and she spoke with him two times the day of the incident.

Rudy Eugene had a recipe that could be used by not only Dark ENERGY but those who apply it on others. It's a case that has to be constantly absorbed but you have two possiblities:

One-- This incident can be written off as a man who took mind altering drugs and simply flipped out. A theory that many people believe, a theory I also accepted from the media when I first heard the case.

Recap---The last time Rudy Eugene spoke to his girlfriend he stated his car broken down. Though his car was found after the incident there have been no reports confirming that it broke down.. So at the time he stated this to his girlfriend he was in the right state of mind. Because his car broke down he stated he would be running late. That would mean when his car broke down he began walking and disregarded the fact that his car broke down but instead took Bath Salts or some other mind altering drug along the way and flipped out. It must be clear that, this would have to be the case if this scenario was believed because he could not possible drive being in the state he was in at the time of the attack.

It would mean that after taking Bath Salts or some other form of mind altering drugs, his violent tendencies rose to the surface in a demonic way that caused him to forget all sense of himself. As stated there have been no confirmed  reports that his car broke down but he was seen parking his car in South Beach about four hours before the attack.


Two--Rudy Eugene was targeted because of his past and used in a sacrificial way for a bigger purpose that has to do with altering the mind state of humans through mass media programming. Because Eugene had a history of violence and was known by officials as "the first man tasered by the police in North Miami Beach" he was a good candidate after assessment. His Haitian ancestry aids in the media tapping into the subconscious minds of people and implanting the idea of Zombies into their heads. The media will often create a reaction just to come back and denounce the reaction they created and feed the public what it would truly like it to believe. People are more susceptible to this type of maneuver because it minimizes the ENERGY of the media just wanting to create a negative story. It makes it seem as if they are truly trying to get to the bottom of the story. After-all since they where willing to dismiss the first negative story THEY CREATED, people are more willing to accept what is deemed as the true version.

I believe he ran into someone who forced or convinced him to take a mind altering drug that caused him to react in the way he did. Preliminary autopsy reports claim that no flesh or drugs besides marijuana have been found as of yet, but his stomach did contain undigested pills.Yet, an alleged witness claims he saw Eugene taking off his clothes and swinging from a lamppost as if the was Tarzan.

Both family and friends adamantly claim Rudy Eugene did not like pills he often refused to take over the counter medicine.

It would surprise people to know the secret agendas that are being imposed on society and the experimentation used on people that fulfills these immediate or long term agendas.

Rudy Eugene was just one incident in a week that seem to contribute to the uptick of Black men being perceived as not just dangerous but savages. I will include a link at the end of this article where a man speaks about this apparent attack.

Now lets take a look at another incident that coincidentally occurred around the same time as the Miami Cannibal incident.

Baltimore Cannibal Incident-----Conspiracy

 Here is another suspicious incident to me.

Alexander Kinyua is accused of dismembering Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37 and eating his heart and part of his brain. Kodie a former student of Morgan State was rooming at the home of Kinyua and his family and was a friend to Kinyua's father. Alexander Kinyua was currently attending Morgan State University was asked to leave the school three days before his attack on Kodie. He was barred from the school while an investigation was pending due to an assault on Joshua Ceasar who was visiting the campus for a friends graduation.
Kinyua was rooming with a group of other Morgan State students, one was the friend of the alleged attack victim. According to reports Kinyua was waiting with a bat wrapped in barb wire and used it to hit Joshua Ceasar over the head as he entered the apartment. Kinyua cracked Ceasar's skull, shattered his left eye-socket. As a result Ceasar lost consciousness and subsequently the sight in his left eye. Doctors aren't able to determine at the moment if he will regain his eye-sight in his left eye.

Here's where things get weird:
When the story of Alexander Kinyua first surfaced I took the time to read information about it on a few different sites. I clearly remember reading about Alexander Kinyua's attack on a fellow student. One account I read is totally different than what is being said now. I read that a female student witness the attack. She said the victim was going down the stairs and Kinyua hit him over the head with a bat and the victim fell down the stairs, then Kinyua went to go sit down and in a weird emotionless daze said "We need to save the children".

When I tried to google this in order to find the specific article that spoke of this account I could not find anything. I know that's what I read because I remember finding it weird that he would hit someone over the head and then sit down and say "We have to save the children". The Internet has been wiped clean of this folks, the only instance where an article comes up that even states Kinyua said "We have to save the children" is in a forum chat but with no link to the article. This demonstrates that this person like me read this article and remembers this information even though it has been erased from the Internet.
Now the victim of the attack has come forward with his belief that he might have been a victim of cannibalism if friends did not follow the trail of blood and fun Kinyua off. What's weird about this is the fact that the victim claims through his lawyer that when he came to, Kinyua was standing over him with a knife. This account was not in the original police report and was not stated by those who came across Kinyua after his attack on the victim.  I think the claim of Kinyua standing over the victim with a knife has been fabricated by the victim. Was he coerced into saying this or is he doing it for eventual financial gain? It's not clear.

It is clear however that he feels the school is responsible for allowing Kinyua to stay on campus after being kicked out of ROTC for punching holes in the wall at the cadet computer lab. Another weird twist is the fact that the school labeled the incident a random attack however it's clear that the victim knew Kinyua through a mutual friend.

'Ceasar told the newspaper he knew Kinyua through mutual acquaintances in Morgan State’s ROTC program.
From the limited research I've been able to do, Alexander Kinyua did not start displaying behavioral problems until he became part of ROTC and being kicked out sent him over the edge. Family members say they started to see behavioral changes in Kinyua after being kicked out of the ROTC program.

ROTC which stands for Reserve Officer Training Course. Is a program available to college students that trains and prepares them for entry into the military for either the Army Reserves or a specific branch.

During the summer after your sophomore year, you will participate in field training. This rigorous program involves physical conditioning, weapons training and survival training. But more than that,Field Training is your opportunity to develop your skills as both a leader and team member.
It seems as though Alexander Kinyua went from this:

And This:
To This:
 Then This:
While in the ROTC program a military instructor claimed Kinyua punched holes in the walls of a cadet computer lab. He referred to him as "Virgina Tech waiting to happen". He was barred from school until he could meet with officials. Suspiciously so, two military officials didn't believe he needed a psychological evaluation, though the statement of him being another "Virgina Tech" murderer were made.

Since the incident a few students have painted the picture of Alexander Kinyua being weird and anti-social. Numerous witnesses also have reported to hearing Kinyua speak openly about human sacrifice.

The victim Joshua Ceasar claims, 'other friends found him creepy but hung out with him anyway'.
 Seems to blend right in to me, he's OK with wearing the same attire and taking on the ENERGY of those around him.

I know what I'm about to state will be peculiar to many but I research things that are outside of the scope of mainstream media. Things that are happening beneath the surface of what's revealed to the public. Periodically I will find a way to trickle the knowledge of what I research to the public in ways they can possible comprehend.

I believe that Alexander Kinyua was kicked out of ROTC for reasons other than what has been claimed.

It is clear to me that something occurred while Alexander Kinyua was in the ROTC program. Here is a snapshot of the Air Force ROTC program logo:

 Now look at the snapshot of Kinyua's Twitter account:

As you can see he developed some sort of repel attitude while being in this training program. He avatar picture shows the usage of the wings featured on the Air Force logo but he replaced the torch with a depiction of himself.

I also found a video (Black Gods) that he viewed on Youtube and agreed with that shows he would not be the ideal candidate for this governments military. It has the tone of being a Black Supremacist and being "on to" the fact that the government revolves around sinister behavior and actions.

Though this case requires constant analysis as more details emerge. I believe that Alexander Kinyua while part of ROTC began to do research into government conspiracies and cover ups and entertained research that demonstrates that the society is ran by sinister secret societies. I believe that due to high probability that all cadets activities are monitored especially on the Internet his actions became revealed. At that time I believe his instructors and those in command at the ROTC program he was involved began to target him and this "set him off". 

After being kicked out of the ROTC program his research and suspicions intensified. Imagine being apart of the military or ROTC and military officials realize that your idol is Alex Jones or David Icke, or you hold the book "Behold the Pale Horse" by William Milton Cooper at a very high esteem. A book that exposes  military and government secrets. 

Students claim Kinyua started being very vocal about human sacrificing and the rituals that take place using children within secret societies.
Kinyua also made cryptic comments about "blood sacrifice" at a January university forum with administrators present.
Take a look at a video Alexander Kinyua viewed on Youtube. Judging by the date of his comment under the screen name Coreeye67, this was right before being kicked out of the ROTC program

Click Here for Full Screen

After viewing the video you can see what type of human sacrifices Kinyua was actually talking about. It should also be clear that once ROTC officials discovered the type of research and information Kinyua was he was not considered a desirable candidate anymore. It must be noted that this is along the lines of the type of research I do, though I've never entertained the "Black Supremacy" angle. However I do follow David Icke, Fritz Springmeier, William Cooper and other NWO (New World Order), secret society researchers.

Was Kinyua set up and merely protecting his family due to the body being found in their home? Was he targeted and given a substance to make him go mad? Or did he simply lose it, and become a rebel gone mad after being kicked out of the ROTC program that pays for his college education? These are still questions unanswered in my mind and I will try to follow this case.

But one thing is clear there is much more to this story and why as of now it appears Alexander Kinyua became a target that could be used. And there is no conincidence to me that both the case of Rudy Eugene and Alexander Kinyua trailed each other creating media propaganda that effected the spirit and vibration of the mass public. Again if you where to begin to research beyond what's in the mainstream you will realize that fear, propaganda and shock allows them to continue their strong-hold on society. I will include a few links at the bottom.

In Conclusion
All cases mentioned:
  • Antron Singleton aka Big Lurch----------------Drugs and Demons
  • Rudy Eugene----------------Conspiracy
  • Alexander Kinyua----------------Conspiracy
  • Wayne Carter-----------------Mental Illness

I will try to stay updated about the case of Wayne Carter, the man from Hackensack NJ who threw part of his intestines at officers. It has not been concluded whether or not drugs where a factor in the case. It must be said however, that officers attempted to disarm Carter who was holding a knife and hammer in his hands, by spraying him with a fire extinguisher to no effect. They also shot him with a "sponge round" which as the force of being hit with a fastball and it did not cause him to drop his weapons. He simply sat their staring at officers and claimed 'he wanted to die and go to heaven'.

Listen to my podcast featured in my article "Mike Tyson Battled Demons When He Was High". I will create another podcast in the near future addressing this issue in light of these current events.

Source Wayne Carter
Source Baltimore Cannibal
Source Antron Singleton--Video Included
Black Gods Video Alexander Kinyua viewed
Mass Programing to Influence Perception of Black Men
David Icke Video

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