Black Women Find More to Complain About “Nike Ad”

Should your Butt bring praise or disgust, in light of this culture? Do you think the type of representation directed towards Black women via this culture empowers or taints your image?................
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I must say I’m tired, I’m tired of having to be part of a race that complains about everything, because we refuse to do some soul searching. We believe that we can work out our problems and insecurities through “nit-picking” and deflecting responsibility for the ENERGY we send onto others, by playing the victim.
That brings me to the “Nike Ad” I want to take a moment to be honest with Black women about ENERGY.
Why would “Nike” choose a Black woman to represent such an ad despite the ad being about a woman and her big butt? Isn’t the goal to reach and influence the masses, not disgust those outside of this race.
Remember despite what Black women of this generation would like to think in order to feel COMFORT and a sense of PRIDE; No, women of other races DO NOT want to look like or have the ENERGY of Black women. Just like most things in the world other races particularly White people have the clever way of picking through a culture and taking over what they can manipulate to have a different ENERGY and become theirs. They do this to feel inclusive to the latest TREND no matter how much they truly don’t care deep down or how temporary it may be.
A great example would be the TINY “Booty Pop” pads that are marketed to White girls.
There is NO WAY they would have been created to look like the ASSES of “Angel Luv” or Kim Kardashian’s, they don’t even come in varying sizes. It’s just a tiny “pop” to suck up the swagger that is in the media right now. They will let it go in a few years, because they TRULY don’t care it’s simply in the media now.
It’s like Black women running out to get the “Instyler” which any licensed cosmetologist who focuses on healthy hair would tell you is not designed for Black hair. You do not brush African American hair with bristle type spores, it’s damaging to the hair. But Black women couldn’t resist due to it’s marketing and at the same time the hype has died down.
It’s like a Black woman who can go from short hair to long hair by putting in a weave. At the same time they wouldn’t die if they couldn’t get weaves. They simply get them because it allows them to transform their looks.
Now Back to your Big Butt……………
What is the ENERGY that surrounds your big butt? Is it not a fact, that you have allowed the dirtiest, grimmest, low life men in our race to be the ones who made you a spokesperson for “Big Butts”? Isn’t it a fact that these men have not only made music about your big butt to degrade your big butt but they’ve also traveled the world exploiting it and letting people know what they would like to do with it and in the mist of doing so they have tarnished the possible beauty of it?
This harsh portrayal will always lie on Black women; the exploitation comes from Black men who are born and raised in our communities. They are a product of our environments.
I despise Black women of this generation when it comes to their ENERGY. I think Black women should receive NO PRAISE; they are horrible examples to the generation coming up. I think they should feel the shame of supporting the exploitation of their image by Black men. No you do not have the ENERGY of being classy, beautiful, or feminine. The way Black men talk to you via this culture makes that clear. Black men don’t even respect Black woman.
You have LITERALLY become an ASS in this generation a DUMB ASS at that.
I see all and I absorb ENERGY so just as I spoke about Black women longing for representation in my other article “Do Black Women Feel Empowered by Molestation and Disrespect?” that applies here. Black women are so hungry for representation they don’t stop and think of the repercussions that occur when the ENERGY of this mistreatment influences the world. Just being talked about and focused on equates admiration in their simple minds.
It reminds me of the times I’ve gone out with Black women and they would take the attention a Brother in the street gives them and feel special about it. Failing to realize that as soon as they go down the street another woman will pass by these guys also. understanding this takes away there ability to feel special so they refuse to concentrate on that fact.
That type of longing for any representation is the same concerning this incident. The representation of a Black woman’s BUTT has tainted the perception of her. And she has supported this by her support of it in this culture.
For a group of people who have such a low self-esteem, any representation is fine.
And it must be understood before I get emails, that I could care less about individuals who feel this doesn’t apply to them, this doesn’t apply to me. But I refuse to ignore the PREVAILING ENERGIES of this race. I won't do it  simply because I am Black and I won't do it because I am a woman.

I face ENERGY I don’t run from it. No matter how painful it is, exposing the TRUTH brings change.
Now granted there’s more to this. Another reason “Nike” has chosen a more ambiguous model for this ad is to appeal to the masses. That is there right. “Nike” is not a black owned company that went astray and forgot about Black people. They did not break a contract with Black people where they were to be the "face" of this race.
I think they do their best without tarnishing their image at the same time. They know Black people like their sneakers so they get athletes to be the biggest sponsors for Black people.
Can you blame them from omitting the face of the Black woman in the picture below and just showing her butt while showing the entire body of the woman in the 2nd picture?

It’s ENERGY, ENERGY folks, in the 1st picture people might get flashbacks of a video hoe when they see it and not be able to relate. The latter picture despite all the “Bad Girl” shows and how wild White girls can be in this generation, there image is not tarnished. White people are no better than Black people they are just clever enough to make sure they diversify their image. They have a broad media that cannot be categorized. We chose to give power to those who reinforce our stereotypes and spread that ENERGY to the world.
For every “Bad Girl” club there are other diverse broad portrayals of women that look like te woman in the 2nd picture. And her image is only tainted when it come to her butt when a Black man elects to do so.

Black culture revolves around the exploitation of Black woman. We have been discussing that fact for years and it continues to thrive off of the support and passivity of Black women to this culture.
The picture of the Black woman represents a woman who has willingly handed her ass to those who she was born and raised with to be exploited for attention. So that makes her less worthy and tarnished. The fact that this occurs before the eyes of the world, makes it worst.
There is an art to Marketing folks.
Furthermore, let’s say “Nike” did have less Black representation should they feel obligated to have more?
Well, let me say this; waiting for the perfect representation from a non-black company speaks to Black people’s unwillingness to build their own in order to feel self-empowerment even. This is why the acceptance of others means so much.
I feel disgusted by this race and the mentalities that we have. We believe that a company that was created by others should be shared with us due to idealism. We sit, long and pray for someone to recognize us.

We don't create our own.
“God blesses the child that has it’s own”. And while “Nike” would be a fool to totally exclude Black people, they don’t have the obligation to satisfy Black people, and represent them as much as they currently do.
As Black people we refuse to create and grow our own economy and businesses so by no means should we have as much. That’s a raw METAPHYSICAL statement.
Now here’s the point where you CAN’T get mad at me. Get mad at God if you DARE,. Does it seem that God agrees with your thinking, or does it seem as though God wants you to have your own, in the meantime he allows you to have scraps from others?

How many years should we continue this way?

How many years do we pull the ENERGY of the past into the present and act as if we are just as forcibly stagnant and can’t progress on our own?
What Black people don’t understand about ENERGY and metaphysics is; you can’t have “nothing” and bargain and want “something”, after all you have nothing. My ideal scenario for Black people is one where we create our own then merge and embrace diversity with others.
This will enable two things to happen more readily, not only would we have more bargaining power, but we will be LESS ANNOYING.
Black people are like one of my Black neighbors who I avoid because he’s always asking for stuff; it never  fails. But at the same time he has nothing to offer so he simply becomes a burden; “Can I have a cigarette”(I don’t smoke), “Can you pick up my girlfriend and kids”, “Can you go to the store and pick up some bread for my kids” etc… It’s always something it never fails. So guess what I do, I keep him at a distance; I simply wave and try not to cross his path. I will look around the complex to see if he’s making his daily rounds of “lurking” to ask people for stuff. Thank God he stands out amongst the rest of us and doesn’t define my environment.
Now let’s look at another ENERGY situation, pertaining to another person I know who isn’t so burdensome.
Another guy I know who has become a friend, is in between cars, he’s in the process of saving for one, so I take him home from work sometimes. This is NOT a problem because he will pay me to do so; he makes sure that I have gas money. So when he calls I pick up the phone, when he asks for something it doesn’t bother me as much. He has bargaining power he has something to offer in turn for my efforts and doesn’t require a lot of ENERGY to deal with nor does he make me regret doing so.
How many years will we be annoying RETARDS who try to obligate others into sharing equally with us. I think it’s very generous for others to even include Black people in things of a creative nature that don’t revolve around quality of life. I wish that we had power so that we could be just as generous and seem like an “asset” not a liability.
Trust me when I say the IMAGE and ENERGY of Black people is Burdensome and needs to be contained. We have a distorted culture along with distorted mentalities.
This is why Black businesses have a hard time gaining support from investors. Our communities represent a burden and a sense of chaos without society. If we had something we would be considered less risky to deal with, after-all you’re less of a liability because you have assets, you have something. Again you have bargaining power.
Let’s explore another example, Vogue:
Magazines like “Vogue” are in no way obligated to feature Black women in equal proportions to white women. The magazine was started by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in 1892 and has become one of the worlds leading fashion magazines which caters to a certain demographic and wishes to radiate a certain ENERGY.
Now let’s be HONEST:
Now I see through Black people, God has taught me to do so. God has taught me to not fall into the mode of agreeing with Black people just because I am Black. You must analyze what this race says and how we think, just like you would do anyone else. We have become like the Roman Empire and are almost completely OUT OF OUR MIND, and desperately attempt to feed off the ENERGY of the past.
In terms of Vogue:
The only reason that Black women are interested in appearing in Vogue is because it’s “the leading fashion magazine in the world”. We would not bother “W” magazine which is a successful fashion magazine under the same publishing house but is not as major as Vogue in our eyes.
We have been trained to ride off of, and obligate others to include us because it’s too hard for us to create our own. It takes a lot of persistent ENERGY to do so and due to our subconscious minds reflecting on our community chaos we would simply prefer to leech off of what is already strong.
Vogue never made a dedication to represent Black women. It’s a magazine that my mother subscribed to when I was younger and still subscribes to today. I never looked through Vogue longing to see many Black models. It took me into a different world. Into a different ENERGY, ENERGY I never felt from this race, and that is “Haute Couture”. I liked seeing Naomi Campbell and other black models particularly African ones periodically. In addition to Vogue my mother subscribed to many other types of magazines including “Essence”, “Ebony” and later “Jet”. Vogue is like a work of art created by a mind different then mine’s and my environment.
By now as Black people we should have created a high fashion magazine of our own. This would make us a more attractive race within the fashion industry, then mergence and diversity could stem from it. Without this scenario you must wait for handouts and God supports this.
God wants this race to advance and develop a higher spiritual consciousness, this cannot be done when our motto is to trail behind others and pick up crumbs along that trail.
Yes it’s hard and it takes a lot of ENERGY considering our communities but until we have something, we will always wait and hope for “handouts”. We will pray for sympathizers who give us handouts like a person gives to charity. This helps them feel good about themselves while helping the weak who cannot help themselves, like a baby.
The catch “52” is they still will have control over your image. ‘Just sit back and be glad that we are giving you this handout’ is the ENERGY of these situations.
When should we begin to empower ourselves?
Should we begin NOW in 2010 or should we wait for the “Jetsons” era which took place in 2062, which is not far away. What do we tend to leave the next generation, do we leave them anything? Or do we train them to simply go through life obligated others to have sympathy for us. To me that’s PATHETIC. Just like the example of my my neighbor always asking for something.
So I have given you two ENERGY reasons why “Nike” decided use the model of their choice.
  1. Because they should be, to and it's their creation that we infiltrated and
  2. Because they should not have to deal with the ENERGY created around a Black woman's ass in this generation.
We must be strong and insightful enough to understand that we cannot live out our problems, insecurities and grudges through what other people have control of. We must begin to analysis our ENERGY and how Black people come across.
The biggest INJUSTICE we commit towards each other is trying to access this race through INDIVIDUAL SUCCESSES. Individual success should be reflected upon to motivate and inspire not MASK the PREVAILING ENERGIES of this race.
We need to understand, there’s a reason God allows us to be driven mad by things we cannot control, he doesn’t respect WEAKNESS, nor does he respect FEAR. These two characteristics prevent this race from progressing. God and this Universe wants each individual to develop a higher spiritual consciousness which will collectively better our culture, image and communities. As Black people we miss many opportunities to do this.
We are not focused and refuse to face the ENERGY we create from the lack of this.
So folks support “Nike” because you like the company and its sneakers. But don’t expect to control a company that you neither created nor own. Thinking in this way is at most idealism not a Civil Rights issue.
God and this metaphysical universe will not bless Black people through the “hand-outs” of others. You will feel like you are on the welfare “cheese line” and when you get to the window you receive hard brick cheese. You don’t have anything can you really be picky?.
God has NEVER blessed this race through “hand-outs” when it comes to the media or creative outlets.

That includes Hollywood and all other creative aspects of entertainment we did not create. Black actors will NEVER work or be sought after as much as White actors. And God will allow this for years and years to come.
God supports our outstretched hands receiving crumbs. He blesses “trail blazers” not “trailers” no matter how hard it is to make it and rise up………….. see Jewish people.
So it’s time to motivate and support CREATORS and turn away from negative ENERGY and portrayals that don’t revolve around a message.

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