The ENERGY of Hair Bonnets and Head Rags in Public

 If you MUST wear a hair bonnet, it's for sleeping as the picture shows!

Not long ago, I had the extreme pleasure of sitting behind a Black girl on a bus trip who was wearing a hair bonnet on her head. Being put through this disturbing experience just became a breaking point for me.

Though most Black women don't do this, it's not the first time I've seen many Black women come out the house with a hair bonnet or head rag on their head and the number of women who do this is far from few. It's one of my pet peeves when it comes to Black women. Many don't understand the 'down and out', slave worker ENERGY they exude when they wear rags and bonnets on their head out in public.
Doesn't she have the ENERGY of being down and out and poor, this transfers to you when you wear head rags outside.

Many slaves wore rags on their head because they didn't the means to maintain their hair. On some plantation the master and overseer even required the slave women to keep their hair covered. There's no excuse for looking like a slave from "Roots" or "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in this era. Now I know most women do this for a number of reasons, some do not want to do their hair, don't have the time or they're trying to preserve the hairstyle they have until they get to the destination they are going to.

The reason for the action does not extinguish the ENERGY of the action. The look has the ENERGY of not caring enough for yourself to come out the house presentable and ready to face the world. It's no different than men who wear their pants sagging. It has the ENERGY of having a lack of care for oneself. It has the ENERGY of rolling out of bed and doing the least as possible before going outside.

Now of course you cannot control the negative actions of others, the only reason I address this situation is because I feel the ENERGY of many Black women not realizing how the look of wearing hair bonnets and head rags comes across. The girl on the bus could have easily been in college.

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This is a head scarf, not a rag and is an acceptable look if it matches your outfit and seems like a fashion statement or its worn for religious reasons. 
Acceptable---This can easily replace the look of a hair bonnet.

Not acceptable

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