Taken Into A New World Of Sex

Due to the lack of respect many men have for women via this culture more and more men are feeling increasingly confident in asking women to perform anal sex and do other things with their anus. The innocent, delicate purity shield around the aura of women has cracked and dissipated years ago.

Once a culture is created and women can be humiliated and used in many ways with acceptance, many men begin to feel more confident in taking out their perversions on the women they bed.

Take a look at the following letter that was sent to my via my Black Celebrity Energy website:
What an amazing article! Thank you for sharing. Your points really resonated with me because of a relationship I engaged in that did not feel right. The man (Black) focused on my azz in a way that did not sit well with me. (Pardon the pun). This man is a minor celebrity - he has an Internet Radio show and I was a regular listener. At first he stated he wanted to marry me before moving on to what he would like to do to me in the bedroom. This included giving me a pedicure and "going down town" (as if these two things would clinch the deal...), however he soon moved onto the "stick a fork in that azz" talk. He called my vagina a "tunnel" ... Being a non-American I was polite but I did laugh at him... he asked why I was laughing. I said I thought he was a comedian... you can see by this exchange that cross cultural discourse can be fraught. I told him that no women wants her beautiful flower to be called a tunnel. We did, however, persevere with our dating. No actual sex yet, I have to add.

Very soon this lolly pop jock invited me to read a book he was writing and proudly sent me an except of the "love scene" he had written. I was appalled - the violence of the sex - in the "back door" across the arm of a chair, no foreplay, and lasting some four hours ("in the back door") before both parties collapsed in mutual ... aah... pleasure. Like I said the guy is a comedian. I told him I didn't think the sex scene was very sexy and that it read more like rape scene than a love scene. That's how Black people have sex, he told me... I doubted that at the time but since reading your article perhaps he was right.

There were other occasions when I, a lover of sensuality, and he, a back door azz pounder, tried to connect but it was never meant to be. It just did not feel right.

Oh, one other thing - he told me that other women (Black) who had read the "love scene" thought the characters were a "cute couple" and that they loved the "love scene." I guess when women stop enabling attitudes such as this man's then there will not be a lot of change. Once again - thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I missed the live broadcast!

Anal sex is being promoted in a few ways:
  • Through pornography and
  • Through men who have gone to jail, come out and inflict and/or influence others to engage in this behavior  
  • Through men sharing their sexual anal escapades with other men and women (like the man above)
The ENERGY of Anal Sex Can Only Spread

I want you to close your eyes and think to yourself what happens when a person goes to a certain place that is filled with people who have their own set of rules and mentalities. A place were certain behaviors are accepted, focused on and common.

I want you to feel the true ENERGY of what mentalities and behaviors represent. I want you to understand that mentalities and behaviors are like a foggy mist that hovers over an environment, a mist that is fluid in motion, meaning it spreads. This analogy represents the reason why humans mirror the actions of others and begin to behave like those around them. The same can be said for mentalities, often times those who have certain mentalities are in environments where these mentalities are supported.

So let's reflect on people who go to jail.

People who go to jail often times go to jail because they've engaged in doing things that reflect the mentalities of those they surrounded themselves by outside of jail. Once in jail they are surrounded by a concentration of people who have lowered their morals and engaged in negative, deviant behavior that led them to jail too.

When these people are released and trickle back into the population of their community, how do you think they affect their environments? Do they affect their environments, for better or worst? Do their jailhouse deviant sexual behavior just melt away or find themselves manifesting in their environments? In other words do you think it's possible for them to get it out of their system?

Once the spirit of deviance grips hold of you, it only gets stronger. Like a drug it becomes something you have to fight to release yourself from it's grip.

I knew the act of anal sex would grow in the community. I knew it would become as common as other sexual acts. The ENERGY behind how many people develop a lust for it makes it deviant. The way the idea has been trickled into the minds of these men separates it from those who choose to do it in a secure relationship. In following Anti-Pornography on YouTube producers have stated that anal sex is becoming a sector that is increasingly growing at a fast pace. Imagine men who have engaged in this type of sex act in jail viewing this type of pornography. These men refuse to consider themselves gay and will delightfully engage in these acts with a woman. This is true even for those men who continue to have sex with men without the woman's knowledge.

There's no way you can have a STEADY flow of men going in and out of jail and they don't come out of jail and and influence those in their environments. They talk their girlfriends into engaging in the act and spread the ENERGY to other men that the act is OK.

Many women are being urged to engage in sexual acts that come from the spirit of deviance. It's a spirit that carries a sense of coldness and selfish pleasure. It can be harmful to the mind and soul. A woman must be cautious and stand her ground.

Most behaviors, looks and mentalities will trickle back into the community and grow due to the constant flow of men going in and out of jail.

Again, there's no mystery as to why Anal sex is growing into a phenomenon that many women are engaging in. It has quickly grown past those who are in secure loving relationships choosing to do so and is becoming a more standard request of many men.

You must be OK with saying "No".

I will write more about this later.............

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