When Frustration Makes You Atheist

As a spiritually religious person I felt the need to access this video:

Make note of the level of frustration this woman displays and the anger she has towards a God she now believes doesn't exist. She has hope that he exist but she needs proof. She believes she wasted 23 years of her life believing in a God that didn't deliver what she wanted in life. At the 4:50 mark she reveals the real reason she has given up faith and the belief that there's a higher consciousness. The woman in the video was taught that all she had to do was pray to God and immerse herself in the church and she would be blessed with all she wanted. Her connection to God, Source, the higher consciousness was not strong enough to realize prayer is only half the story. Faith has to be coupled with action. This is why those who spend most of their time sitting in the church as she has stated she did become addicted to this and only find temporary comfort. Action must take place outside of the church.

I am not bashing this woman, because I had to find the ENERGY of God, Source, the higher consciousness myself. I too, was bombarded with the idea of prayer and only told the half truth. Of course thankfully I've been surrounded by those in action so it wasn't hard for me to realize the missing piece to the puzzle.

Here's a revelation folks, and keep this in mind as you read further: Just because you were taught to believe in God, Source, the Higher Consciousness of this Universe (or any name you want to call him) in one way that doesn't seem to be the truth, doesn't mean a higher consciousness doesn't exist. You simply chose to believe in what man told you in order to create your truth. So in essence you believe in man first and God second.

This is why I speak about ENERGY conterminously, it's because you can feel your way through life, and ultimately find your connection with God, Source, the Higher Consciousness( or whatever name you call what is known as God). We are spiritual, ENERGY beings and based on our connection with the source of this creation our life flows or doesn't flow as we would like.

Confused? Well I challenge you to write down five things you do, or could do, that you don't know if it's right or wrong, things you don't realize will weaken or strengthen you or others. You couldn't do it because you can FEEL whats right or wrong, you don't need a human or the echo of God to tell you what's right or wrong. You may have reasons for doing something and convince yourself the wrong must be done, but those are just rationalizations, you know internally it is wrong because it feels wrong. A person who continues to do things they can feel is wrong, starts to make a habit of bypassing what they KNOW and feel for what they want.

As a spiritually religious person I never argue with Atheist using religion. The Universe has made it known to me that people reach God, Source, the Higher Consciousness etc...in many different ways. So there's no right religion, in fact considering the notion that many religions were made up by man alone, people who practice those religions still have the opportunity of connecting with God, Source, the Higher Consciousness of the Universe. Of course some are plugged in more to what they are told than what they feel.

I easily transformed into a being that found my connection to the Universe because though I was raised Baptist, I never felt at ease with the idea that those who are not Christian would go to hell. It made me want to embark on a journey to find a meaning of God that matched what I felt and what's demonstrated in the Universe. That led me to understanding God as an "ENERGY source" that blesses many different people, in many different ways depending how their ENERGY connects to the supreme ENERGY source.. This is shown by the fact that many people of all different religious beliefs and walks of life find happiness and contentment in life.

What is known as God is a positive, "light ENERGY source" and people internally, subconsciously know if their ENERGY is Dark or not, they can FEEL it. 

Though there are Universal laws which can't be denied by any religion( laws I mainly concentrate on), the exact way a person finds a connection with God, Source or the Higher Consciousness of this Universe is an individual experience.

Many Atheist fail to realize this and feel a sense of being let down when they believe they've discovered that what they've been told by man about God doesn't seem to be true. This causes them to shun religion and the idea of a higher consciousness all together. This is a weak thing to do, one should never give up what they feel because they believe they've discovered that HOW someone told them to think about God is not the truth. They need to ask themselves how they FEEL. Many Atheist seem to settle for the notion that they are like robots who simply came into existence opposed to finding a way to connect with, source, higher consciousness.

I depend on no man to tell me the exact truth through religion, I go by ENERGY.

This is why I can read the Bible, Koran, study Judaism, Islam note the differences between Christianity, Evangelism, Catholicism and many religions without becoming confused. I absorb the ENERGY of what is said and take delight in hearing Biblical stories that often contain a message that can be felt as being the truth, even if the story didn't literally take place.

In such an active, evolving Universe where its ENERGY can clearly be felt, I feel a sense of sadness knowing Atheist refused to believe in and connect with that ENERGY. An ENERGY that simply reveals there is a higher consciousness even if you can't find it through systematic, theological religion. Many will believe text that claims there is no God or higher consciousness, but don't believe what they feel, that's why many search for answers in the first place. They feel the ENERGY of a higher consciousness but find it hard to believe in it because they can't see it. They don't feel the ENERGY of the tooth-fairy or Santa Claus so they would never search for its authenticity, but they feel the ENERGY of a higher consciousness that designed this well put together Universe. This is something that is a daily struggle for many Atheist.

I will periodically speak about this, there is more I would like to address.

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