The Myth of the Continuous Victim!

People who are Continuous Victims Wear this Sign Spiritually

One of the saddest but freeing experiences of my life has been disconnecting with the oppressed mentality of many fellow Black people.

I want to be clear in revealing this fact that comes from the Universe, there is absolutely no instance where you can come against this truth. It's a truth that separates the weak minded from the strong minded.


Many people label themselves as victims but the Universe does not view them and their circumstances in this way. When a person or group of people find themselves subjected to the same thing over and over again their is a weakness in you or your environment.

You can only be victimized continuously if you allow it.

The Universe does not take into consideration HUMAN adjectives, such as but "its hard", "I'm scared", "it's not fair". If it took those adjectives into consideration you would not grow spiritually and be strengthened.

If a woman constantly finds herself in relationships or meeting men that use her sexually and offer nothing else, she is not a victim. She would have to explore the internal reasons and weaknesses she possess that allow her to attract users.

If a man is constantly attracting a certain type of woman that plays him for his money, he would continue to be used until he realizes the problem starts with himself. The Universe does not or cannot have sympathy because the person would not grow and strengthen.

Even something as horrendous as slavery is not considered victimization by the Universe. Slavery took place because of weaknesses that were already present and exploited by Europeans. Weak infrastructure, tribal fighting, and greed allowed Africans to be victimized.

People get confused by thinking about how it was not right for many Europeans to exploit the continent of Africa. But they did it because they could and they could because of internal weaknesses.

Do you know one of the major things that separates successful people from people who live a life of not being successful is successful people believe in taking responsibility for themselves.

When something happens to a success minded person they don't concentrate on 'who did what' to them or how they are victims, they concentrate on how they can get over the obstacle and proceed to success.

You should never listen to any Black person that concentrates on bringing comfort to the race by focusing on how we are victims. You should only listen to Black people that focus on overcoming and learning from the past in order to better the future.These people are in alighnment with the Universe and Universal Law.

The Universe empowers those who realize they control their now and future. It allows others to be weakened by the thought that others control them.

In closing, keep in mind...........because I know many of you are confused!..........The Universe does not know how to process, "I can't", "It's Hard", "I can't because of this person or group of people", "I'm scared".....

As you begin to awaken you will realize as you hear many Black people complain, they wear the ENERGY of these tones.

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