Should Crime Victims Sue Sites Like WordStarHipHop and Facebook?

How would you feel if you were filmed being beaten by assailants and the video was posted online?
Sites that allow these types of videos get paid for it's content, why shouldn't the victim? Unless the footage is being displayed through a news source, victims should be compensated. News sources are more discriminating and particular about what they show and which crime footage's should be reveal. It also curbs the ENERGY of being able to showcase these crimes undetected.  This is something that will mutate and become more negative. And yes, we influence each other so more women will do what they observe men do, as demonstrated in this video.

One of the weaknesses of humans seems to be the inability to come against negativity. They feel a loss of control and compensate that feeling by escaping with the many distractions that are around them. It's only when this negativity knocks on their door do they want to react. Often-times that's when the negativity has truly become overwhelming. It's no wonder that those who study human behavior can see how easy it is to beat humans into the submission of accepting any environment they are surrounded by.

Sites like WorldStarHipHop and increasingly Facebook are breeding grounds for displaying negativity. These sites are attractive to those who commit crimes, video tape them and display it to others. The amount of views they receive make them feel like celebrities.

Now I ask you do you want to slap the spit out of the mouth of celebrities who push the ENERGY that any publicity is good publicity. This is a mentality that has grown over the years. In times past celebrities worked hard to maintain a good image. Yes they could receive a lot of focus and attention for something negative, or lewd, but they valued their image.

In this increasingly competitive world where there are over 400 cable channels and many Internet entertainment sources, celebrities have gone into overdrive to gain attention. Along the way they have put their true spirit aside and convinced themselves that any attention they receive is good attention. Of course this is not what they truly feel internally. They know it's wrong and pathetic but they are willing to do anything to gain attention so they can feel a sense of having notoriety and make money. The truth is they use drugs and alcohol to alter their state of mind in order to cope with how they truly feel inside..Because of the monetary gain they receive they become locked in a negative cycle.

People in everyday life have taken on the same type of possession. They want to feel a sense of notoriety even when they wish to be anonymous to others and revealed only to their peers.

The only way to put a halt to this type of negativity is to come against the main power source that keeps these sites going. Money is the main factor for sites that showcase these types of videos, so money has to be used to deter this negative ENERGY.

Will humans ever release themselves from the trap of believing and condoning the mentality of "any publicity or attention is good publicity and attention".

When I begin my skit show I will address this ENERGY. First people must feel shame in order to change. Shame wakes people up from possession and a nonchalant attitude towards low standards.

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