How to Duplicate the Things You Appreciate in a Relationship

If you wrote down a list of all the little things your partner did that made you feel appreciative for the next 30-90 days and gave them the list, what do you think would happen?

From going to the store to pick up groceries, cooking, giving you a hug, saying thank-you or I love you, straightening a pile of clutter, putting the toilet seat down, asking 'how you feel', not wearing a head rag or bonnet all day long, shaving their legs(lol, this might be taken the wrong way) anything that made you feel good and nourishes the relationship.

Again what do you think would happen?

The Universe says those actions would multiply.

Those actions would multiply because you are focusing on the ENERGY of those actions and watering them with praise like a plant. Because of this the person you are with will become attuned to what makes you happy and long to keep satisfaction flowing in the relationship.

Watch one of my favorites Darren Hardy the editor of Success magazine explain this technique:

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