Are You Scared to Be Different and Share Universal Knowledge?

I took the time recently to really meditate and absorb an ENERGY I feel within many people, and that is those who are scared to be different. Those who are scared to break away from what has been handed to them as being normal and elevate themselves.

From time to time I want people to take a moment to inhale their thoughts, how they act and what they hide and ask themselves are they scared to be different amongst the masses.

Time and time again I reflect on the fact that I've taken an unpopular route in life, particularly with my websites and it sets me aside from what people are comfortable with. I expand beyond the comfort zone, so I can't help but make people uncomfortable. People feel the need to protect themselves and their image so they resist me and resist spreading my Universal knowledge.

When I addresses issues and dangerous transitions that have occurred in life and within this race, there's a separation between my approach and others. A separation that empowers me because I have the strength to embrace the fact that I'm different and proceed.

I was broken away from the herd of sheep that believes they can find answers and solutions in a technical sense and within a sociology book. Think about it where are we taught we are spiritual beings besides through the use of religious indoctrination? That seems fine to many, but one must realize not all people choose to practice or affilate themselves with religion. And even those who do are of different religions. So wouldn't that mean there's a Universal knowledge out there that relates to all people, and helps the world run in a balanced way?

Well I asked for this Universal knowledge and I continuously receive it. It would be hard to admit for many but a person couldn't really come against what I say even if they can add to it because there are many layers to a action or phenomenon. That's when you know someone is speaking in a Universal way that defies religion, race and status. There will be times I offer my opinion but I shy away from making that a habit because it holds no weight in the Universe.

I concentrate on the Laws of Nature that cannot be defied. I concentrate on the absorption of ENERGIES and how they manifest within an atmosphere.

We are all spiritual beings, who exhibit emotion and emotion is a core source for everyone.

Are you scared to have conversations that bring up topics and points that others have been conditioned to think about differently? Are you scared when coming against mass thought because you think others will think you're crazy?

Well, I have news for you, never underestimate the power of KNOWING. We are all KNOWING beings at the end of the day. Ninety-Nine percent of what I say and relay to people are things the spirit already knows. It's just an unfortunate case of trying to penetrate through through the thick mass and reality that our spirits are being guided and told what we should feel, think and how to act. I always urge people to sit back and inhale the ENERGY of someone who has the ability to resist these ENERGIES, someone who asked to be woken up in many ways. I'm still a work in progress and will always be in that state, but I've opened myself to wanting to transcend the norm to find deeper understanding. Because of this I can be used as a vessel.

I thank those who help breath life into my site and have a quest to learn the spiritual pitfalls they are being lured towards.

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