The Truth About Being Raised in Chaos

I want the following video to be an awakening for people who are passive to the necessity of creating a better environment for the youth. I want people to understand the importance of attacking the ENERGY SOURCES that cause negativity to seem like an EMPOWERING experience.

The Universe wants to know how long with Black people continue to allow negativity to seem like an empowering experience. How long will this race keep putting truly successful people who the back burner. People who obtain success through tenacity, hard work, self-discipline and spiritual strength.

As you continue to the suffer, those around you or your community suffers, understand that your suffering is necessary. This can be a 100 year, 500 year, or 10,000 year learning process. The Universe will never release this race from the vises that grip the minds of the youth and put pressure on them.

One of the curses of the Universe revolves around a low conscious belief that drives me crazy when I hear it. It's a belief my conscious mind knows is based on laziness and idealism. It's based on wishful thinking and delusions. It's a belief not supported by the Universe.

What is this belief.........

There are people who believe they can control the direction of their children based on their parenting skills alone. They don't realize that above all they are a vessel that brings another spirit into the world. Their ability to control this spirit is NEVER guaranteed.

I hear story after story of children who grow up in loving families who wish the best for their children and have big dreams for them but they succumb to the ENERGIES around them. These youth that go astray know what they are doing is wrong. They acknowledge, feel and appreciate the love and proper guidance that their families give them, but they still choose the streets over their families. It becomes hard for them to resist the constant negative ENERGIES they're bombarded with.

They know that LOVE will always be there but the illusion of immediate gratification lures them into a trap. They reach out to the negativity around them in order to define themselves. These negative ENERGIES are based on what seems like immediate gratification. The pitfalls are never concentrated on and the alternative of working hard in an honest way is not openly admired in their surroundings. The pull of negativity is so great they put their family and home-training on the back burner.

Great parenting skills must be coupled with an environment that allows a child to have a better chance to flourish beyond survival with the right mentalities that support lasting success.

Now it seems almost unrealistic to expect Black people who live in challenging areas to be mindful of the environment they seek to raise children in and expect them to wait. Of course it's something I have would have the ability to do, even you but most people revolve life around their immediate wants and slip-ups.

You might be wondering what you can do to better this situation. You might even think it doesn't concern you, however that's not true. Those who grow up being negative effect your quality of life and they continuously squeeze the life out of any environment they inhabit. They draw in more souls and which create cycles that destroy many neighborhoods and bring forth a hellish reality, where more weeds grow than flowers.
** Though I am spiritually religious and believe people reach God (Source) in many ways the ENERGY of his story has been played out many times by those who live around strong negative influences**

So let's focus on a few statements the Brother in the video confessed to:
  • He cam from a loving family
  • Began smoking weed at 12
  • Older guys in his neighborhood lured him into negativity
  • Joined a gang
  • People in the gang started gang banging
  • Couldn't focus on school because of his lifestyle
  • His love of Basketball could NOT distract him from the negativity around him
  • Father discovered his lifestyle and was upset, but that was NOT strong enough to deter him
  • Darkness made him repel the light and he felt college was for nerds and corny people
  • Became a drug addict and alcoholic
  • Worked in order to keep up drug habit---a trap many fall into
  • People began to suffer around him----Death got up to his negative lifestyle
  • Had a child at a young age
Some might be saying 'Whats the point? What can we learn from this?

The Point is the ONLY DIFFERENCE Between this Brother and some of the other Brothers who go the route he went in, is the fact that he had a family that loved him and raised him well. His story is the same as those who come from families where there is a sense of neglect, a lack of love and no real guidance.

So what reality is revealed?

The strongest ENERGIES within an environment whether positive or negative effects those in that environment. There are three ways people are forced to deal with the negative ENERGIES around them:
  • They Take part in the ENERGY
  • They Cope with the ENERGY
  • Or They become a victim of the ENERGY
So I will end this article asking the opening question. When will Black people begin to realize the importance of manifesting better environments by attacking the SOURCES that help empower negativity in our communities?

The CULTURE must be attacked. The idolization of Negative People Must cease. We must flood our communities with ENERGIES that shine a light of shame on negative actions and mentalities and this must be done before the world.

Do you question this?

Well take the opposite into consideration; many communities are flooded with negativity and these actions seem to be idolized before the world. This alone allows many souls to be sucked into the vortex of negativity. Negativity instantly seems worth it. It's seems powerful, it seems to bring respect. This is comforting to souls who feel weak due to the conditions they were born into. Many fall into the illusions a negative lifestyle brings.

Negative ENERGY cannot be eliminated but its existence is like scales. Whichever side of the scale holds the most weight will ALWAYS gain the most souls. Why? because it holds the most weight, creates the most pressure and seems dominate. Most Black men in challenging neighborhoods will tell you that they are surrounded by negativity. This is true ENERGY wise! the negativity in their community has such a force it seems to be the way of life for most. But number wise this is not the truth. In even the most challenging neighborhood there are more honest, hard-working people trying to make it than negative people, but their ENERGY is not felt.

I will speak more about this later, but I want to finish by asking a question: How many of you watched the Video Music Awards this year? Most award shows are clear ENERGY sources for those who are negative. It doesn't matter if there are more positive entertainers featured. Your goal going forward must to make a  point and dedication of eliminating and attacking all ENERGY SOURCES that allow negativity to seem empowering and dominate.

Ironically when you make a sacrifice and come against negative ENERGY in the entertainment industry positive ENERGY would suffer to the point of assisting with the attack. The Universe will rain down weapons and tools to assist you with your battle, but you must make the decision to go into battle for the sake of the betterment of your environment.

Don't worry I know your spirit is searching for something that will make you leave the passivity of doing absolutely nothing behind and rise up. I will do a thorough article explaining how to attack the ENERGY SOURCES that drive negativity. I can assure you it's a spiritual battle and doesn't require physical exertion.

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