What happens if you don't carry out the action Tip as Instructed?

I  get the opportunity to reveal another step regarding the Action technique I posted the day before yesterday. When you make your commitment and fail to carry it through consequently you must start the technique from the beginning. This is true even if you are on your 8th or 9th day, you must start all over again. The goal is to carry the action through for 10 straight days. You cannot skip days or do the technique when you feel like it. Doing so will not help build the sense of self-relainace and will power you are seeking. After-all most people do things sporatically or when they feel like doing it. The goal is to feel the sense of accomplishment in stiking to your promise.

So though I had well intentions, I did not post any articles yesterday on either of my sites, so now I will begin this promise again starting from today.

I will keep you posted with my journey and end.

To read about the technique and use it to strengthen yourself click here:

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