Ghetto People Act That Way Because We Let Them!

This person DOES care how people view them because they don't want to be looked down on. Notice how ALL slang was ELIMINATED in their response. When a person is not aspiring to their higher self they will always subconsciously feel this, when they are not challenged to reach their higher self they will settle into a low conscious state.

Listen to how someone else chimed in:
I love this tweet. I saw it a few days ago and I had to post it on here! People are so quick to pick on someone just because of the way they talk. Using slang doesn’t mean you’re ghetto, ratchet, or hood. It doesn’t mean that you’re dumb either! I don’t care what you say, everybody uses slang.
This person also feels subconscious about their way of being and feels the need to defend themselves even though they can't internally feel the satisfaction of truly being able to do so. Without acceptance a person becomes subconscious about their behavior unless they feel spiritually righteous and strong in their actions. In the case of this person, the next step is try to normalize their actions by claiming all people are the same in order to feel comfortable with what they are doing.


One of my biggest resentments towards the Black race was allowing a culture to grow and take over that gives ghetto, negative Black people a sense of power in being weak. It doesn't matter who started it, who's truly behind this happening and if another race spurred this into action. The fact that Black people as a whole allowed it to happen is the problem.

This is why the Universe has no mercy and the whole race will pay for allowing this to happen.

I have enough experience with ghetto and negative Black people to know that when they're "called out" by  looking down on their actions beyond just being shocked by them, they feel subconscious and try to meet a higher level.

They have NO SHAME and they have no morals because they are allowed to act in that way and receive attention for doing so. People sit around like simpletons scratching their heads trying to figure out how many celebrities, if you can call them that, find no problem in exploiting themselves and acting in low conscious, ratchet ways. They are funded by those who see the benefit of keeping this race at a low conscious level, but accepted as a whole because they are not challenged by those who look down on their actions.

Again merely being shocked by their actions is not going to work. They have to feel the ENERGY of you KNOWING they are acting at a level that represents their lower self.

In fact you shouldn't be shocked by their actions because they crave that attention. As long as their actions bring some form of benefit or attention, they will proceed. We need to stop acting like they don't know any better. If you had a million dollars and asked them about their actions and why they are wrong and represent their lower self they would become genius's and explain this in an instant.

It's easier to act in a low standard way particularly when you are born and raised in "doom and gloom", it's harder to raise the bar of your life when you feel sorry for yourself. We don't convey the power of being able to do so. Instead we accept each other at our lowest point.

You can witness any so-called ghetto, low standard person in the mode of trying to get a job attempt to change their way of being. You can witness the same when they get around certain people. I have personally called out negative and ghetto Black people by looking down on them with the ENERGY of knowing their acting at their lowest conscious level and they instantly attempt to come across as being of a higher standard. People don't like to be looked down the end of the day, particularly when they are acting at their lower self.

There use to be a time when negativity and those with no class were considered the underworld. They hide in that world, they did not expose themselves, they would be too embarrassed, but again we simply allowed a culture and soap-box for them to stand on and reap benefits in acting in a low standard way with no morals. They naturally resided in the underworld, because those with more consciousness and refinement represented the "higher world" or world at large.

Allowing those to act as their lower self only harms our environments. Everyday people feel empowered acting as their lower self because they are emulating those who are reaping the benefits of acting low standard and reaping illusionary benefits because of it. We have literally created a situation where there isn't much you can say to a person who is acting in a low standard way. Their source of POWER would have to be destroyed. Of course I must add, I can do this, I have the skill to do so. I have the ability to make ghetto people feel subconscious, there's a particular way to do so, as I stated it must revolve around the ENERGY of knowing they are acting as their lower selves., but I will speak more about that later.

The saddest thing to realize about this race is how weak we truly are spiritually and how easy it is to manipulate this race in a way so that we destroy ourselves. I will be tying this into many articles I write when it comes to addressing the actions of those in this race.

It's time to learn how to take POWER away from Negativity! When more positive Black people realize and embrace the POWER in this spiritual war they will be able to conquer the flow of Negative ENERGY in their environments.

Stay Tune I'll probably do a video podcast on this shortly.

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