Using Juanita Bynum to Ask How Far Is Too Far?

Juanita Bynum recently acknowledged that she had affairs with men and women. Going by the ENERGY of this woman, I would not be surprised if someone was blackmailing to expose this information through the years and she decided to come clean.

But in any case, this news brings me to a revelation about Juanita Bynum and those like her.

Observing Juanita Bynum and those like her has made me realize something important in life: You have to connect with your spiritual level.

I simply can't relate to Juanita Bynum and she has far too many demons for me to ever entertain listening to what she has to say. There are those in life who lived like Juanita Bynum and have a whole "laundry list" of temptations and negative things they have done and then there are those like myself who've always had the strength to resist many things.

Because of this strength I prefer listening to someone who's stronger spiritually, tell me how to remain strong. I guess that's where there is a dividing line amongst the people. There are many women who can relate to Juanita Bynum because they have gone through life fighting many, many demons and then  there are women like me, those who've never done the things she has done.

When I first observed and heard Juanita Bynum I didn't like her, my spirit did not connect with her. It was around the time of her marriage to Bishop Thomas Weeks. I knew the marriage was a sham and like so many woman she just wanted to be able to say she was married. I knew she did not love this man, and decided to hide this fact by having an over the top wedding that distracts away from the ENERGY of this truth.

Don't get me wrong, I feel she met her match and attracted a man who didn't really love her either. He simply saw money signs and a future that could potentially benefit him.

But Juanita has always been shady to me:

At one point she was even selling $5,000 fountain pens, and said if you use bic your common. She was also selling $500.00 prayer kits. God could careless what type of pen you use or if you use one at all and prayer certainly doesn't need a kit or requires a price. I've always felt the shady ENERGY around her.

There are many demons in Juanita Bynum because they know they can get to her through materialism, something I am resistant to. But I will end with saying it doesn't shock me that she has confessed to having affairs with men and women. The worst demons come when you can be opened up to them through materialism

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