A Black Man Addresses His Brothers: "Don't Muddy Your Waters"

I rarely post videos on my homepage but I could not help but do so in this case.

Here's a video many men wanted to resist . A video that reflects a solider who realizes he doesn't want to go to war because many of those he's fighting with aren't righteous enough to do so. Instead a truce should be called.

When I first saw this video I said "Bingo" and I didn't say Bingo because it seemed the Brother in the video  was bashing other Brothers. I said Bingo because I think this more of what is needed. Each gender can talk about the opposite gender "until the cows come home" but a new meaning emerges when someone from the same gender seems to step out from the "herd of thought" to self-reflect within it's own gender.

I applaud those who address both genders and those who release the importance of challenging the negative thought within their own gender.

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I will do a follow-up to this from a woman's perspective in a few days.

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