Five Finger Ring B*tch

Like the Universe I SUPPORT the NEGATIVE transformation of Black Women which is effecting all Facets of the Black Race!

It saddens me to have to post this because the woman who wears this is a nice person. I watch her videos and she's trying to make a way for herself in life. Though she's rough around the edges like many Black women and young teenage girls coming up, I can see through her and she's harsh because the men around her are harsh.

I decided just because most people are spiritually lazy as the Universe tells me, I will continue to be that messenger that conveys the truth to people. Most people have so many distractions that allow them to escape what is creeping up on them, they have to be KNOCKED TO THE GROUND, and pick themselves up to learn.

Now first I want to point out I'm talking to those who are NOT possessed and have the ABILITY to be stronger spiritually because they have no resistance and a sense of knowing the ENERGIES they're being bombarded with is destroying their surroundings. I also seek to address those who are confused and need to strengthen their spiritual strength................All others are unrepairable and DEAD WEIGHT, they must have their own awakening and would be more inspired to do so, if positivity stood head to head with negativity in this SPIRITUAL WAR.

I wrote an article "Do Women Know their Name is Bitch" a couple of months ago TELLING people this would happen and only get worst. The Universe say's "Now What you ROCK-HEADS?

In the article I pointed out the the word woman and girl has been replaced by the word "B*tch" in this era and it will cause women and girls to be normalized by this. As I said in the opening it's like giving a dog a name. If you wanted to name your dog "do-do" and called them "do-do" over and over again they would accept the word "do-do".

Oww, you though humans where completely different right? Well they are only different and use higher minds than an animal when they allow themselves to do so. So the men around many Black women refer to them as B*tches and hoes I might have and now these women will refer to themselves in that way.

See most of ya'll are lazy bums spiritually, you hold out for the subconscious knowing that there're women like me out there and would not accept this, but you forget the millions that will be affected and cause your environment to change. It's easy to think to yourself  "women should know better", but you don't know the power of possession.

The key to changing people's thoughts, perception and tendency to respect themselves is make it seem normal when they don't.

We're going into crazy times right now, Stop complaining to the Universe WAKE UP! and be proactive in showing you are a stronger being. The Universe despises weakness and you will perish and suffer as those around you change. We are all connected.

Stop supporting music that refers to women in general as B*tch's, stop thinking it's cute and harmless to your life. Don't watch anything that gives POWER to those who do this, it's that simple. We ask for protection and enlightenment in the world but can't do simple things that only take INNER STRENGTH, no physical exertion.

 Those like me have to sit back and watch the weakness of your ways.

I'm going to start saying in most of my articles I think it's time to separate from Black people who have a lower vibration and more primitive way of thinking in order to show contrast and rise up stronger.

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I ask the STRONG to share this article.

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