Yes, It's Time To Close Your Legs: Can You At Least Listen to a Woman Whos Been There?

I love Alexes she always comes raw, she has a very vulgar style but she speaks the truth. I think every Black woman and young girl should see this video.

Pass it on to ALL THOSE YOU KNOW! Especially Black Women!

I like this ENERGY, I love the ENERGY of a woman speaking truth to other women. I think it's important for each gender to have someone of the SAME gender to speak the raw inescapable truth. Here's a woman who went through what many women seem to go through in this era, doesn't that make her worth listening to.

We are in an era and within a culture where many Black men LEARN HOW TO PLAY WOMEN, please don't think you're special. When you are special to a man he will demonstrate this BEYOND WORDS.

Warning Language Very Graphic, but it's very important to absorb this message.

Make sure to support Alexyss new hair care line. Even if you can't do so now, make sure you put her on your list.

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