Natural Hair Must Be Supported Not Just Talked About! Part 1

Annie is such a cutie but she is confused about her hair

Isn't this picture hilarious. This was a scene from the movie "Lovely and Amazing". Annie, the little girl above is being raised by her white adopted mother Jane and is having a hard time adjusting to the differences between herself and her mother and sisters. Her hair is different, her skin tone is different and she wishes she could blend in with her family.

In this scene she is trying to explain to her sister through adoption Elizabeth that natural hair makes a woman look like a clown. Of course Elizabeth tells her this is not true, but that opens a question.

Do Black people, particularly Black men truly support natural hair?

Take a look at this picture

This is Brother Polight from the House of Consciousness and his three wives, a Brother I respect and admire despite not agreeing with polygamy in MY life. But let's focus on his wives. Black men need to ask themselves would they or their Brothers like a woman who's hair was as natural as these sisters?

I'm sick of hearing the blanket statement that Black men want natural Black women. Be clear, be honest. Don't just let a statement like that become a weapon you use when you want to attack Black women and effect them emotionally.

After-all these women see you drooling over women who don't have natural hair and those who wear weaves. You know you like women who have this look.

Meagan Good got married with her hair like this:

Black men know they like that better opposed to this look

What type of natural hair do Black men want? I think most are confused and don't really know what they want.

Your eyes can't pop out your head and you can't praise fake women in the presence of women as a whole and not expect them to be influenced.

Why don't Black men turn away from or attack fake women in the spotlight? These aren't women wearing costumes, Beyonce would not leave the house without her wig or weave and Jay-Z would die if Beyonce looked like this:
So again what do Black men want? It's clear that whatever's closest to the sperm of Black men is a "no no", so why act like black women's transformation over the years is beyond comprehension? Why do many Black men act like it just came out of nowhere?

Or maybe, once again the situation is more complex than many Black men would like to believe. Maybe like ALWAYS many don't have the strength to address negative Brothers who promote, stand-by and encourage the transformation of Black women from the essence of what a Black man's sperm makes.

I'll be doing a more in-depth podcast show on this topic, but it's just something to think about and something I wanted to lightly touch base on after watching the movie "Lovely and Amazing".

This is Part 1 Because I will Explain exactly what Black women should have the freedom to do and what would be deemed as natural and inevitable behavior.

In the meantime, check out my two articles 

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