A Spiritual Fact About Marijuana That Goes Beyond Statistics

Wiz Khalif, a brother who always seems to be functioning at his fullest capacity.

At times I find it amusing to witness the medical community trying to figure out the cause of growing epidemics based on statistics and numbers. Numbers tell part of the story but because the Universe operates on a spiritual level many factors are left out of their explanations.

Apparently more youth are smoking pot than cigarettes for the first time in history. Let's all take a moment and give a round of applause to the Agent's of Destruction in today's culture who promote marijuana as if it's a right of passage. Even the artist of the 60's could not accomplish this, its dangerous to combine repetitive suggestion with visual stimulation.

There's a couple of things I don't debate about when it comes to marijuana use:
  1. I don't debate about it's health risks and
  2. I don't debate about it being safer than alcohol and other forms of drugs
Who cares, the Universe doesn't, sometimes things are more basic then people realize.

The fact of the matter is, marijuana allows a person to alter their state of mind. When this happens and its  deemed enjoyable to the person it becomes a psychological bondage that many people don't want to admit to. Very few people enjoy something and limit the action they enjoy. No, the opposite happens! When something is enjoyable most people will seek out what they enjoy and engage in the activity as much as possible.

This type of addiction can develop when it comes to many different things. However drugs create stronger addictions because it results in an immediate mental and physical change on a conscious level. Someone who becomes addicted to video games might not realize what they are doing. The same applies to someone who is always snacking and eating all the time. They might not realize they have a food addiction.

Drugs become an escape, coping mechanism, and crutch. Some people will scour the house looking for products that will allow them to experience an altered state. They will do and try anything to get high because it takes them away from their reality and allows them a temporary escape. Very young youths usually fall into the trap of looking for legal alternatives, particularly if they are more monitored than a teenager or adult. Once they experience an altered state they will try to mirror that sensation by any means.

I've always looked at drugs on a psychological level, because that ENERGY stands out the most to me. There are people who go through life in a daze and don't care about much because they know when they get home, or in a short time they will be able to escape through drugs.

This becomes a real problem, especially amongst the poor, impoverished or those who live challenging lives that require a lot of action to succeed. Drugs become a false reward system for poor and disadvantaged people. Many times they will spend their whole day high trying to escape what they don't want to deal with.

I guess one scientific study that could be liken to this would be rats in a cage who are exposed to drug drips or other mechanisms that releases drugs in the cage. Instead of the rat trying to find a way out of the cage, like caged animals normally do, it will continuously run to the mechanism that releases the drugs, sometimes resulting in their demise.

Another strong ENERGY I feel when it comes to those who have drug habits is their lack of caring. Once again the Universe reminds me it's because of that false reward system drugs offer which allows temporary relief.
  • Feeling stressed can't wait to roll a blunt
  • Messed up at work can't wait to roll a blunt
  • Having social problems with others, can't wait to roll a blunt.
Many people say marijuana does not have any effect on productivity. I'm willing to believe this only when it comes to those who are already in the mode of being productive. Their performance might not be as sharp as when there not high but often they can maintain themselves enough to function, if they have access to marijuana. If they don't have access to it their reward system is taken away and they will become irritable. Most marijuana smokers can get through work if they know they will be able to smoke when they are finished.

Again when that is not the case, and they don't have access to marijuana they develop a "don't care" attitude. Their focus becomes trying to get that reward system back and how many connects they need to call to see if they can do so. They focus on where they can find some more. It's mental bondage plan and simple.

However, when it comes to those who are not in the mode of being productive and have to lift themselves to a higher level, I do not believe smoking marijuana helps in that situation. In fact it does the opposite. Many people in that position become lazy and simply depend on their false reward system. It's hard for them to grasp the true validity of their situation because it becomes diluted by the escapism drugs bring.

Another spiritual and psychological side-effect of marijuana and other drugs is the fact that people connect activities with them. Once you take marijuana and enjoy doing certain things while high it's a form of bondage. Many people don't realize this until they feel the frustration of trying to enjoy the same things when not high. The activity will seem dull when their not under the extra-sensory illusion marijuana brings. It's very dangerous to associate actions and activities with drugs. I spoke about this in my article "Mike Tyson Battled Demons When He Was High"

Right now some people can't party without drugs, have sex without drugs, express their emotions without drugs, enjoy music without drugs, create music without drugs(musicians state this often), or feel relaxed without drugs. It's bondage! Just because a person enjoys the bondage at the moment because they can't see the full repercussions doesn't make the fact that it's bondage less.

You NEVER EVER listen to someone who's on Drugs talk about how it's not dangerous. You should only listen to those who were former drug users, they are the only ones who have clarity. Former drug users are the only ones who will be honest about the effects of the drug they used. Those who currently use a drug like marijuana are usually still in a state of rationalizing their drug use to themselves. They will hide all the true side-effects and negative outcomes of the drug because they're so much in bondage by the drug, acceptance is the only thing that makes them feel better..............................This alone deserves a separate article, Stay Tuned!......................I will also write about the dangers of promoting drug use in music and why this is being done and allowed to happen.

Drug advocates say that more youths are smoking marijuana because cigarettes are so hard to get due to enforcement and marijuana is easier to get. As I said never listen to drug addicts. Here is a man who recalls a time when regulations where not enforced:
You could smoke at any age. Sale of cigarettes to minors was prohibited in some states, not in others, with the age varying -- 14, 16, 18, what have you. I'm too young to remember the 50's, but when I started smoking in the 60's the age for buying cigarettes was 18 in New York and 16 in Connecticut. However, the law wasn't enforced -- I remember being surprised to discover that I could buy cigarettes anywhere.
So what's the real reason behind the fact the youth are smoking marijuana more and more, I think you know the answer but I will address this later.

In closing check out this video where a Brother explains what he experienced as a marijuana smoker

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