Beware of Robotic ENERGY in Social Media

Take a look at one of those reasons I absolutely hate social media.

------ Original note ------

From: Mitchru2012
To: BlackEnergyNews
Subject: hi hottie
hi sexyIm telling you, you got a beautiful smile.I live in NC too.A sexy, intelligent, good-looking nice man like me, hehe.We should talk and get to know each other indepth.Message me sometime.Ok. here's my contact. you can reach me at "MitchQ" and (put this in your web browser)  HTTP://WWW.MITCHQ.NET see you there.
Why is this a problem?

Well, I don't have a picture of me on my profile, I have an account on Black Planet just for this website that I never use. I simply went on there because I joined a group on Black Planet and for once the topic seemed interesting. I have tons of unanswered messages in my inbox because I don't have the ENERGY to go through the bull crap and fakeness.

It's amazing because I think back to when I was in my teens and going on sites like Black Planet was exciting because you get tons of messages instantly. Though I never met anyone online in person, it seemed like a fun experience talking to people online. However consciousness grows and you realize that it's a "shopping" expedition to many people who solicit you on social media sites and their are many items in their baskets. In fact it has more of an ENERGY of  "Bobbing for Apples", it's so random and robotic.

As a spiritual person it's completely non-stimulating to my senses and I urge people to be careful. I wrote an article not to long ago: Manipulation in Dating a Comment Reveals an Energy where I touched base on the truth about social media sites towards the end of the article.

Of course that doesn't mean you can't meet someone nice online, who you click with, but it's best done through forums and discussions that reveal the spirit of a person.

I do want to point out that I will be trying to connect with more people because I have a focus and a reason to embrace social media. I'm not driven by numbers but I feel the more people I connect with the more ENERGY I will have to write consistently and not just sporadically. I'm going to venture into social media but on my own terms and I suggest others do the same. Know your purpose for being on social media sites. And I do thank all those who share my articles and help me re-evaluate my confliction with social media by seeing the benefit of it.

I will write more about this topic because I have heard some horror stories about robots and fake profiles  on social media sites. Profiles designed to lure you in and ask you for money eventually.

Comment or Email me some of your stories.

Stay Conscious!

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