Nigerian Scammers Can't Help But Be Amazed by the Stupidity of Intellects!

One thing I can say is that Black Americans would never fall for Nigerian Scams at the rate of White people, if at all. It's amazing how many people to this day fall for Nigerian scams. The reason why they fall for these scams go beyond money. Most of the people who are scammed have money, they're simply desperate for more or they're being just plain greedy.

It blows the mind to think of how this scam defies educational levels and people who are perceived to be intelligent fall for these scams. Of course as I stated they do so on an emotional level not a thinking level. Greed or desperation drives them to believe the unbelievable. Education does not bring consciousness and many times even wisdom of life.

Check out the following video where a heart Surgeon was scammed by Nigerian scammers.

Click Here for Full Screen Video

I must add, though Black Americans don't fall for Nigerian scams as much, I do know a few men who have been target by Nigerian women on social networking sites. They try to establish a friendship with them, lure them in by using fake pictures of women Black American men tend to find desirable and then ask them for money. I'm sure this rarely works. These women have a better chance at scamming White or non-Black men.

Many Black people have a higher consciousness when it comes to detecting scams because many live in environments where they're surrounded by people who have the ENERGY of trying to get over by using others. How ironic that a general ENERGY of mistrust could protect a person in some ways.

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