Refocusing My ENERGY Using Gabrielle Sidibe and the Movie Mississippi Damned

Sometimes when you reflect on the fact that you can't make much of a change when it comes to individuals, it's a real downer. But those are times I consult with the Universe in order to be redirected towards my purpose and spiritual mission.

How many people know that there are many Black people who've become diseased mentally? How many believe they can do something about it? Can you help a diseased person? Can you expect to help a diseased person that continues to be re effected through a media that programs them?

NO, you cannot help a diseased person unless they want to be helped. Do doctors come to patients, or do patients go to doctors?

So I want to use Gabby Sidibe and the movie Mississippi Damned to make a few points about this race, culture and want the Universe expects me to keep focused on.

Here we have the lovely Gabby Sidibe. I say lovely because that's how I would like to think of her. They've  been many reports stating Gabby Sidibe has a diva attitude and can be extremely rude. But since these reports revolve around those who complement her on her role in "Precious", I let it go. I let it go because I know subconsciously she likes the recognition her role brought but battles with being OK with people identifying her with that same role.

Who can make Gabby Sidibe lose weight?

Her mother or family? NO,

Her fans? NO,

A doctor? NO,

Only Gabby Sidibe herself can make herself lose weight and change. There's no person on the face of the earth who could prevent her from eating foods that make her fat, foods that are unhealthy. In fact Gabby Sidibe has been getting fatter and fatter despite people commenting on her weight.

Death is on her doorstep and she's headed towards needed a wheelchair when she gets older. I'm sure doctors have told Gabby that she's a couple of hamburgers away from having complications. I'm sure her heart aches and gives her daily signs of the strain its under.


Now let's look at the movie Mississippi Damn

Mississippi Damned is a powerful movie that details the struggles of a young girl Kari Peterson, (played by Tessa Thompson) who breaks away from a dysfunctional family.
The many dysfunctions in her family have devastating effects on her emotionally and physically. She begins to realize that though she loves her family, true freedom can only come from breaking away from them because she cannot change them.

Her family is so diseased they live by delirious illusions of normalcy. They ignore and deny many of their problems in order to escape them.

What is My Point?
I want to make clear my goal and spiritual mission. I'm not trying to wake up those who are fast asleep. sometimes I feel I approach things with that notion and it proves futile and draining. There are two categories of people I want to address:
  • Those who are conscious and informed and
  • Those who wish to be informed and become spiritually strong
Because of this you will find that the language in my articles and posts will change. I only want to spiritually strengthen people who wish to be strong, in a world that is increasingly becoming chaotic. The Universe made it clear to me that all people cannot become wise and conscious. As many of you see in your personal lives, the notion of changing others can be draining.

I'm not to here to try to change people, in fact I pity most people. I pity the weak. I'm not suppose to mingle with the weak. I'm not suppose to become drained by those who are a cheeseburger away from death like Gabby Sidibe in a mental way or a family like Mississippi Damned that gets use to their dysfunction and bondage and simply accept it.

I attack and reveal negative ENERGY, I can't be distracted by those who have no desire to lift their consciousness and vibration. Like my Brother da13thsun says "you can do what you want to do, I'm not here for you". I have allowed the Universe to use me as a messenger to those who seek consciousness in these trying times.

All I can do is embarrass and use the weak minded as examples to keep the strong, strong.

In saying this, there is a ray of light. When weaker spirited people see strength in others their spirit which longs to rise has the opportunity to connect with that. Of course they would have to allow that to happen. You cannot deplete strength by allowing the weak to drain the strong. This is something we have to realize within this race. We must cease trying to protect all Black people and strengthen positivity by assimilating with like minds.

For years we have allowed the weak to hide behind and "blend in" with the strong, this is counterproductive to the Universe. It's like trying to fly a plane a long distance with one damaged engine, or one damaged wing.

It's OK to cut off negativity and not support it. It's OK to stand out from the mass of confusion that surrounds you. Just by doing so strength is built and those who are opposite to this force face the raw truth of themselves. It leaves the potential for these people to change if they want to. They will look around and see only those like them and realize that they are being shunned and looked down on. Many people can't handle being looked down on and that ENERGY alone sparks them to change. Just think about poor people in poverty who try to create the opposite image to understand this statement.

We have been taught that Unity brings strength, we've never been taught that in reality separation brings strength when it blocks out negativity which dilutes strength.

So I say to positive Brothers and Sisters proclaim shout and be OK with saying "I do not stand behind my negative Brothers or Sisters". Let the youth coming up witness this, do not allow them to see what appears to be negativity dominating over positivity. It's the reason many youth try to align themselves with negativity. There doesn't seem to be a supportive opposite path to go down.

When I start my skit show I want to demonstrate the power of this truth.

I thank the Universe for redirecting me from distraction, it did make me temporarily weak and I have not been posting like I once was.

Click Here to Watch the Trailer of Mississippi Damned

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