Ghetto Project X Parties Create Human Dishrags and Empty Souls!

Project X, parties where people get high, women come to be disrespected and men oblige 

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Project X parties are inspired by the movie Project X. A movie about teenagers who throw a big party while their parents are out of town. A party that gets out of hand. The movie has a combination of sexual debauchery, crazy stunts, drinking and horsing around. It's sad to see the Black version of Project X parties where the ENERGY of the party is purely sex filled. And consists of hordes of women who come to allow their bodies to be used. It definitely points to the truth that this is a hyper-sexual race. But I will explain why at a later time. 
Many people fall prey to parties like these which are masked as being "fun and living carefree". They don't realize the subconscious mental battle scars that occur when you drown yourself in parties that are like a mass pit of spiritual confusion.

I respect myself, but I won't act like it
I respect women but I won't act like it
I want to be cherished but I will be passed around from guy to guy
I want to respect woman but I will witness them at their lowest
I want it to be natural for me to have a life of intense sexual experiences, but I will take drugs to create this

Your spirit becomes confused because you are masking what you truly want with actions that defy it. Many people think doing this is something that can be turned off and on. But the Universe does not work in this way. Your spiritual vibration can't help but change.

Take a look at these two comments:

too many niggas not enough hoes.

it was way more hoes then niggas trust me

If you where to question these Brothers about terming women hoes, they might be stumped for a second because in their minds they mean no harm. It's just something that has been indoctrinated in the culture and has a result it's penetrated the minds of those ho absorb it's ENERGY.

In fact many girls today call themselves Bi*ches or Hoes, as well as each other. Not long ago I wrote an article about this, "Do Black Girls Know Their Name is Bi*tch"

There's two things people don't realize in this low vibration society. Words have power and words manifest themselves. Words have the power to break and build. So NO, it's never been peculiar to me to witness women refer to each other as B*tches and Hoes more and more as the ENERGY of those words become stronger in the culture. Just like it's not peculiar for me to see men over the years adopt those word when referring to women in general.

Using the word instantly hardens women and they will manifest the ENERGY of a Bi*tch and Hoe.


Well the women at this party are acting like Bi*tches and Hoes, but if the DJ got on the Mic and said "All the women in the house are Bi*tches and Hoes" most of the women would become offended, even if only temporarily so due to being on "Ecstasy".

Guess what else happens at parties with ENERGIES like this? The perception of women changes in the eyes of Black men, whether they realize it or not. Let's explore that for a moment.

Haven't you notice how quick it is for a woman to be labeled a Hoe, whore or Bit*ch in this culture. If people are being drenched with those ENERGIES their subconscious mind will search for it in others. It's  the ENERGY of Black men being attacked and called gay, simply because that's a strong ENERGY in society.

The rawest example would be the fact that humans are spiritual beings, but both men and women have perceptions of how the other should act and what they should like. It takes only a second for a man to mistrust a woman or a woman to mistrust a man because the ENERGY to do so has penetrated society. In an ironic twist both sexes will protect themselves by trying to hustle the other before they are hustled.and their suspicion of the negative ENERGY they have of the other will manifest itself.

We all have different spiritual vibrations despite all of us being able to transcend to a very high spiritually conscious level. For some it's a journey to lift their consciousness and vibrations, for others like myself, due to being extra-sensory we can observe and avoid certain ENERGIES. We don't necessarily have to experience everything that is potentially negative in order to learn. This reflects the fact that we have wise souls and have more than likely been here to this dimension many times.

So I want to say a few words that will help women who are borderline like myself but are being tricked by the ENERGY of the culture which urges them to think parties like this is fun and free spirited. I address these women because as a messenger I am not here to save the world, I'm here to strengthen and wake up those who know the ENERGY of the Universe is wrong and want to be free of the bondage and mass programming others are enslaved to. I am not here for those in denial.or those who aren't ready to transcend.

Don't Let this ENERGY Trick You (Women)
How would you feel walking into an atmosphere of drug fueled possession just to be used like a Dishrag? Hands all over your body, bodies grinding on yours without the acknowledgement of who you are nor caring. You give your all by being opening up through drugs, only to be passed around and dropped at the end of the night when you've been squeezed and wrung out. Because you are high you feel a false intensity and heighten sensations as you are being mauled by many hands that have an ENERGY of no respect. They are hands willing to take, take from you and you are left to deal with this molesting experience when you come down from your high.

When the serotonin drains from your brain you will hit a low point, where the reality of your actions become revealed.

Some women break under these conditions and develop a harden barrier that allows them to disassociate their minds with the acts that they do and what they allow to be done to them. There body. conscious mind and spirit separates. They ignore the conscious mind that would question their actions, they ignore what the spirit truly wants and use their body to feel.and illicit feeling. Unfortunately they do this by summoning possession in the form of drugs and alcohol. Because of this their acts become very dark and leave a dark cast over them.

Position: You are the receiver and allow yourself to be abused

Don't Let this ENERGY Trick You (Men)
You must ask yourself how much playing with fire can your spirit handle in life. Every experience in life changes you in some way. There is a danger to seeing woman at their lowest. There's a danger in seeing woman allow themselves and bodies to be disrespected. It's virtually impossible for you not to lose respect for  women who don't respect themselves. You will naturally become more abusive verbally and sexually to women who have no respect for themselves. When you become submersed in the ENERGY of many women who seem to lack respect for themselves, you perception of women becomes distorted. It's very dangerous to find physical gratification with women who don't respect themselves no matter how shallow the interaction may be. It is something you will become addicted to because of it's ease. It's easy to use a woman who has no self-respect but it does not lift your vibration, but does the opposite. The lower your vibration the harder it is to raise it, to find strength in breaking away from the bondage's many people find themselves in.

When you allow a woman to disrespect herself and take part in that, you are not only helping with hardening her in the long run, you change your spiritual make-up and welcome Dark ENERGY to do so. All ENERGIES put out into the Universe absorb back into your environment. Whatever ENERGY you submerse yourself in regulates your thoughts. Not long ago I mentioned a video a Brother did that asked the question of "Why Do Most Pretty Girls Degrade Themselves". Is that the truth? NO, but it became his perception after submerging himself in ENERGIES that create that false perception.

Position: Abuser and enabler

This is a topic worth going into deeper, and addressing it's many layers. I will do so at a later time. I particularly want to start addressing the act of using drugs and participating in certain acts.

Click Here to Watch a more Documentary style of a Project X party
Click Here to Watch Full Screen Version of scenes of a Project X party

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