Little Boy Desperate to Show His Swag

He wants you to take him serious, he's not just some little boy he's rocking Polo from head to toe

At first you want to write this off as just being cute, or should I say "hood cute". But then towards the end of the video this little boy says "Man get Rich Baby".

So that tells you two things, one, he has the wrong people around him at a very young age. People who allow him to absorb the madness of thinking identifying himself with some materialistic item makes him more powerful. Two, the culture is penetrating him at warp speed and once negative mentalities are developed around others who have them too, it's like living in bondage. It's like being a slave on a plantation with other slaves who don't fight back and have been broken.

I try to compare this to the ENERGY of my youth....
When I was young I could tell people, I have the Barbie house with an elevator, the Barbie Pool so big you could put your head in it and it had a slide and deck, a Barbie remote control Corvette, a Barbie camper that had a shower and bunk beds in it, Barbie McDonalds, Barbie shopping mall, and tons of other Barbie accessories. But I would have told you this with the ENERGY of "I'm lucky, because a lot of girls don't have that".

Again this little boy is talking about Polo as if Polo makes him more powerful, it's a direct reflection of the ENERGY of Hip Hop today. A culture that gives subliminally messages and orders to it's listeners of what is considered relevant. Or what price range makes you more dominate.

Click Here, Take a look and notice how he doesn't blink at certain points like he's possessed


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