17-Year Old's Brain Snaps Due to ENERGY Possession (New Update)

 He looks possessed and besides himself, yes he would shoot you too.

Update: A second suspect has been arrested in the murder of Valley Alexander. Click Read More:

Shifting through crime stories and incidents of violence I sometimes come across cases that really stand out to me. Look at the picture of the young man above. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and I think this is one of those cases.

This picture reflects the ENERGY of the culture and a negative environment penetrating a persons very being and soul. It has the ENERGY of a young man who broke down spiritually.

Say hello to 17-year old Jimmy "Boo Boo" Clemons Jr.

Jimmy Clemons is charged with 1st degree murder for the death of 22-year old Valley Alexander who was slain in Latana March 16. He is being charged as an adult.

I will provide the link that goes into detail about his horrific crime, but I want to address the ENERGY of this picture.

What does it mean when the ENERGY of tattoos is so strong in the culture a person who cannot afford professional tattoos decides to draw them on, or do them themselves to fit in?

What does it mean to witness a young Black man so bombarded with the ENERGY that aggression equals power and his manhood, that he would tattoo a gun in the middle of his eyes? Yes, his eyes, the focal point of vision when someone looks at a person.

It clearly becomes a way for a spiritually fragile man like him to protect himself by creating a shield of aggression around himself.


Does it have the ENERGY of him giving up on life?

If you said no, you're ignorant, if you said "yes" you're wise and can now spiritually do something about it.

But for those who don't understand the question and find it dramatic, let's just say it's apparent that he gave up on life the day he applied these tattoos. His tattoos put him in a box. He would not be able to navigate life beyond the street with those symbols on his face. He would not be considered a job candidate anywhere respectable people dwell. I am witnessing a lot of Black people who are possessed by the culture doing the same thing.

And yes, he's possessed folks, his spirit was broken down. Even the most ghetto mother or father would not encourage him to get these tattoos. They are simply helpless to the ENERGY, just like Trayvon Martin's parents where helpless in preventing him from getting tattoos at 17-years old, which is illegal.

It's a battle of ENERGY and the strongest ENERGY has a better chance of winning over any parent, school or love one encouraging them to be different. This is why ENERGY and what you allow in your environments must always be monitored and fought when the negative begins to become strong.

Does it seem like saving Black men is now more akin to having to fight a spiritual war, or do you still believe that if he simply went to school and was thrust into college he would transform? Before you answer that, let me point out what a viewer stated to me, something I knew to be true already.  She lives in the Baltimore, Maryland area and spoke about the ENERGY of Morgan State students and how they seem very street  and thugged out. Many HBCU carry this ENERGY.

See, we have transitioned beyond just a war on changing situations. We are now faced with the task of changing situations and spirits which leads to mentality.  This is our new task because we allowed a toxic culture to have the strongest voice and ENERGY.

We continue to support a culture that aids in the mutation of the Black American mind and we don't face how things have transformed. We don't realize that we must now battle for spirits that are being pulled by negative ENERGY.
  • You cannot support Black men who think aggression is power and create that ENERGY in the culture. It will only manifest in your communities. 
  • You cannot support Black men who have no regard for those who look up to them and lead them down a path that will make them look and be ineffective in life

What's the odds this young man would have become a rapper where his tattoos and attitude would be acceptable? No his possession by the ENERGY of this culture and his environment was so strong it was a matter of time before negative entities of this Universe came to claim him.

Click here to read this man's story. Read how he caused the death of his mother and sister. Read his story and begin to become repulsed by all the ENERGIES that contribute to Brothers like this falling. 

Lil Wayne's tattoos are some of the most emulated.

Update: A second suspect has been arrested in the killing of Valley Alexander. Rakim Bryant is accused of being with Jimmy Clemons at the time of the murder Alexander's murder, and both suspects ran from the scene of the crime after searching Alexander's pockets.

Most people use crosses just because they are worn by many others, not because it holds a meaning to them.

A Few months ago I did an article "Lil Wayne Worshiper Arrested" showcasing the ENERGY Lil Wayne has over many broken youth.
I show these pictures to demonstrate how impressionable people who come from challenging environments are to ENERGIES around them. Due to feeling weak because of the conditions they here born under, they will search high and low for a sense of power. Unfortunately these sources of power have negative ENERGY around them and causes them to act as if they are in a possessed state. The negative entities they take in refuse to leave.

Click here to read more about Rakim Bryant the second suspect in the murder of Valley Alexander

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