Why Shouldn't Other Races Mock Black Women?

I tell Black people all the time if I was another race, I would have a field day, and 1,000 jokes about this race. I wouldn't be able to help myself. To see a race that mocks themselves and embrace their stereotypes by creating and supporting a culture that highlights them, I would find that peculiar enough to laugh at.

I just finished watching a video on YouTube which appeared to be Hispanic men mocking Black women and the strong ENERGY they feel coming from this race.

First let me ask, why is it OK for Black men to mock Black women but not others? Are others suppose to ignore the dramatic, animated, strong negative ENERGIES that portray Black women in the media. ENERGIES that are accepted and supported by Black women?

Every time Black men put on a dress and act like a Black woman they always emphasis and play up the stereotypes of Black women.
  • I will kick your ass, don't mess with me
  • I'm loud
  • I dress in fake outrageous ways 
  • I will tell you off at the drop of a dime

Many Black women LOVE Tyler Perry's Medea. A stereotypical character I've always hated and despised to the point I've never supported any Tyler Perry movie featuring Medea aside from "A Dairy of a Mad Black Woman" which I stumbled across when I had cable in the past. And to be honest, I didn't tune in from the beginning, so judging from the Poster of the movie I messed the parts where Medea had more than a brief appearance. I would not have continued to watch it if Medea was focused on.I simply like Kimberly Elise so it caught and kept my attention.

There's no set date and for the past two years the movie has only been talked about, though Jamie foxx says the movie is already written, but it seems coming soon Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx will be starring as Sheneneh and Wanda in "Skank Robbers". Once again both characters are looking faker than a 3 dollar bill, with blond weaves, false nails, eyelashes with loud "Stank", stereotypical attitudes. Should I really get into the title of the movie, which I hope changes before it's release? I won't at this time, but if you are not appalled by it considering the lopsidedness of the media, you are spiritually broken, like a woman that deals with being in an verbally abuse relationship.

In any case, I must be honest and say I never had a problem with Sheneneh or Wanda, particularly when they first came out. Why? Because their ENERGY did not define Black women at the time they came out in the past. Their ENERGY was not as strong in the past to the point it overshadowed other portrayals of Black women that were on T.V. That is not the case in this era, so be prepared to be called Sheneneh or Wanda at the drop of a hat after the movie comes out.

Everything must be gauged by ENERGY. If you see a prevalence of negative ENERGY affecting your environment and image, you do not continue to support that ENERGY. It will drown out other ENERGIES that show you in a better light.

See I want Black women to be repulsed by a media that plays up the stereotypical image of Black women. The image of stereotypical image of Black women is embarrassing to Black men at the end of the day. I say "at the end of the day" because Black men will laugh and find the stereotype of Black women funny, just like many Black women do. It's particularly funny to them when they are not a target and the image seems beside them. But there is a consequence to this. When it comes time for them to acknowledge a definition of beauty they will go as far as they can from a typical Black woman. Most do this subconsciously.

They have a definition of beauty in the hood, but when they are placed in a position of presenting a definition of beauty to the world they will shy away from the typical Black women. After-all others see Black women in a negative light. It's like bringing around a clown that is perceived as a clown and trying to act like it's not a clown. Only the most conscious and open minded can look past the strong ENERGY of negativity when it comes to the portrayals of Black women to see those Black women who are more positive and demure.

It's important to understand negative ENERGY rarely dominates over positive ENERGY in terms of quantity and numbers, but because negative ENERGY is so strong it overshadows positive ENERGY when its not attacked.

For example, you could live in a community with 10,000 people, in that community there are 100 people who go around and continuously rob people at any given time. That would drown out the positive and make your community a dangerous one to live in, even though most of the people would never commit robbery. There could be 20 people who go around shooting their guns, just to shoot and it would make your community seem more dangerous. Despite the small number that ENERGY would have to be attacked to give your community a better perception because the negative ENERGY of guns overpowers the fact that most people don't use them in the community.

We don't understand ENERGY and how it effects our lives.

White people have negative images in the media, but take out a piece of paper and write down what stereotypes or ENERGIES defines a White man or White woman in the media. You couldn't do it because there are so many diverse portrayals of their image in the media.

Most Black people like to play victim and say "well we have no control over the media, they like to portray Black people in a negative light". The Universe says "You support your negative image so you can't complain". And to be truthful, the bottom-line is, Black people don't have enough spiritual strength to change their image. That is what the Universe sees and that's what the Universe knows, even when we don't want to admit it. We have learned to deal with our conditions by releasing our frustrations through complaining which means NOTHING to the Universe.

I'm sorry but I can't stand by Black women on this one. In fact, I am very resentful at times that I have to be affiliated with the average Black woman. Women who seem to lack spiritual strength. Women who seem to have a lack of determination in being a woman Black men can respect. Black women don't realize that respect equals the desire to defend. We leave many Black men defenseless in their ability to defend Black women in this era.

And for the escapist mind, CONCENTRATE, CONCENTRATE I am talking about us, right now, and ONE particular angle to our problems. There are many others but I'm focusing on the stereotypical attitude and look of Black women, not the fact that we are exploited sexually by many Black men.  It's not a time to point fingers and deflect away from us, to point out the fact that Black men have issues. That's the problem with this race we don't deal with our issues in layers. We have a "tit for tat" attitude and nothing gets resolved. Sometimes it takes one side to create action that would bring about better reactions from the other side. We have to learn how to chip away all the negative ENERGIES that account for our issues.

And above all I'm just a messenger, until I get my production camera which will allow me to have a more forceful ENERGY. In the meantime understand I simply convey knowledge and wisdom from the Universe to others. I only want to put a little voice in the back of your head.

I want you to check out 3 Videos

The video I am referring to, that is mocking the demeanor of Black woman.
Click Here for Full Screen

The Sheneneh and Wanda Trailer----A movie that is past it's time and will have negative effects coming out now!
Click Here for Full Screen

Now look at the preview of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, listen to the words of the voice-over
Click Here for Full Screen

I long for the day fellow Black women become repulsed by allowing the world to be entertained by a stereotypical image that overshadows how we truly want to be seen. The Universe says: " In order to gain respect we have to support being respectable" And this must be done for Black men and ourselves first.

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