Is it Possible to Escape Western Culture?

Not long ago I saw a video featuring Africans in Holland who were part of the Crips gang. And you can watch video after video of different areas of the world where people have been influenced by western culture. They even have rappers in Somalia trying to be like Lil Wayne. Of course I wrote about Lil Wayne's experience in South Africa where he came across someone so influenced by his ENERGY he decided to morph into his exact replica and try to become his essence. I titled the article Lil Wayne vs Himself in South Africa.

Why do you think I titled the article in this way?

I did so because the Western world dominates the media to such an extent people from around the world will literally carbon copy the culture. They don't just take slight influences and put it with a basis of their culture. They do the opposite the basis of their culture has a Western influence and they add a dash of their own authentic culture. Western culture is being emulated more and more as the years go by and the strength of the culture has many media outlets due to technology.

Watch the following video of rappers in Honduras

Look how they are dressed, look at how the women dance and dress. There are many people who think they can escape Western culture. I think that is true if you go deep into the jungle somewhere or to a 3rd world country where they can't afford T.V.'s but most populated areas in other countries have been influenced by Western culture, particularly the youth when it comes to Hip Hop.

Why pick on Hip Hop?

Well Hip Hop has the ENERGY of laying ground rules of how to be and act with an undertone that if you are not that way you are "less than" or irrelevant. This is why men and women of cultures all over the world are mutating into the strong ENERGY of Hip Hop more and more.

Should we still argue about the fact that the media is the STRONGEST force in the world. Should we still convince ourselves that parents and other adults can stand up to this force and make it like a deaf person at a concert? I think not

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