Mega Millons Lottery Winner Cheats Co-Workers?

I can only pray for the safety, honesty and security of the storm Mirlande Wilson brought upon herself living in a poverty-stricken area. 

It's still a mystery as to whether a single 37-year old mother of 7 in Maryland holds one of the three winning Mega Millions lottery tickets. After the numbers to the $656 million dollar jackpot were drawn, a co-worker claims Mirlande Wilson of Westport Maryland called work and said "I won, I won".

The problem is she didn't say "we won".

Co-workers at the McDonalds restaurant where she worked, claim that they had an office pool to buy lottery tickets. Those tickets were kept in a safe at work. Her boss claims he gave her $5 more dollars right before the drawing to buy more tickets to put into the pool and those tickets were kept by Wilson and never put in the safe. Wilson claims that she purchased the ticket with her own money.

Did she win, is she scamming her co-workers? It's not clear yet, since claiming her win which sparked much publicity, Wilson has become elusive and now claims she is not sure if she won.

In absorbing the ENERGY of this situation I think it's very probable that she did win. The winning ticket purchased in Maryland hasn't been turned in yet and it's quite obvious Wilson does not work at her place of employment any longer. It's hard to believe that she would give up her job based on a lie or joke. It could be a clever way to quit her job, but the only problem is why would she do so in this matter knowing that there was a lottery office pool at work?

As I stated above, I can only imagine how unsafe it is for Wilson to live in the area she lives in with the speculation of her having the winning ticket surrounding her. When she claimed her win initially, she stated that she had the ticket in a secure place. She fails to realize there's really no safe place, unless she too is in that place and hidden.

Just like the speculative greed that surrounds her, she's surrounded by those who carry that same ENERGY and she's putting herself and children in danger.

Hopefully we will be able to hear the outcome of this case. All Lottery winners have the right to withhold their name and image from the media. However, because she initially chose to contact the media to state her win, I'm sure there will be many evident ways that will show whether she held the winning ticket or not.


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