ENERGIES that Attack Spiritual Love and Family Structure

I don't have children yet, but I often wonder how people raise their children in this face-paced society where many ENERGIES good and bad flood their minds. It's hard enough for adults to filter through the mental conditioning that the media produces, but I often wonder how it affects children.

In any case, I want to start a new segment within Black Energy News where I address certain ENERGIES that have the risk and potential to condition minds and the minds of the youth. I'm going to make a point of coming out of my shell. I haven't been dedicating a lot of time to my websites but I'm determined to change that. 

It takes a lot of ENERGY to step outside the box of just putting up the latest gossip or copying information and feeding it to viewers. It's also hard when you don't simply seek to deliver an opinion but seek to get people to think about the ways that we are in bondage and how we've been fooled by ENERGIES thrown at us. ENERGIES that clearly don't work and continue to deteriorate our lives, spiritually and socially. And above all getting people to realize that's The Power Control Force's goal.

As I come across information through my research I will deliver it to you and pose some questions you should ask yourself. I want to mirror the media in a positive way. I want to implant into the minds of people the desire to question what they are absorbing and ask how it might affect them, their families, social interactions and communities.

The Media's goal under the "Power Control Force" is to reconstruct the morals of society through creating an altered reality using political figures and entertainers.
The structure of family is being attacked and redefined in the minds of people through the media. This is being done in many ways

Promiscuity is being promoted, in order to reconstruct the family unit. In times past a woman was encouraged to save herself for her future husband. Through the years, as promiscuity's been pushed by the media, women are choosing to be with multiple men, often-times they develop relationships that effect them emotionally, which changes their perception of men. This diminishes the ability of many woman to be a good mother and wife. Many times they are distracted by the emotional turmoil they suffered through each relationship and unknowingly raise their children through that scope.

The willingness of women to allow themselves to be used in this way has caused men to change their perceptions of women. There is no surprise that the more the ENERGY of casual sex's presented through the media, the more casual relationships have become. In turn the rate of marriage continues to decline and the divorce rate of those married increases. Absorbing the ENERGY of casual sex and relationships, also results in people feeling awkward and tied down in being with one person.

Monogamy and commitment is becoming socially awkward and only a temporary desire. The dilemma humans face is one where they either go with having soulful, spiritual satisfaction or multiple temporary  satisfactions. The media is designed to encourage the latter.

We have allowed ourselves to be walked down that path and suffer the consequences everyday. We are now at the breaking point where we are living in a society with a media that has a loveless ENERGY. Lust has replaced love and this is being deemed as natural. This is why you will witness many men in this era claiming they will marry a woman if she has a beautiful body. Or a woman who gives herself to a man and embarks on a relationship with him if he has money. Unfortunately the repercussions of this, effect the spirit and eventually the sanity of the human race. Our morals are mutating for the worst.

We are being taught to be sexually free, but at the same time we want to establish meaningful, spiritual connections with another human being. This contradiction cannot be accomplished. To have a spiritual meaningful connection with someone you must focus on that person and channel your ENERGY into them. Your souls must connect. There are many women who have been with multiple partners and that fact alone, distracts many men they seek to connect with. They don't realize that every man they are with takes a part of their soul. The reaction of men who secretly resents a woman who has had many partners subconsciously feels and knows this.

In order to mask the discomfort of not merging in a truly spiritual way with another person, causes many to subconsciously escape through food, drugs, alcohol and entertainment. The family structure is becoming more and more weak, due to our confusion as to what we should do with our bodies and how to fill our souls. We have lost touch with how to merge family values and entertainment and instead we allow the media, which is governed by "The Power Control Force" to lead our minds and senses to impending emotional destruction.

As I encourage on my website Black Celebrity Energy, be mindful of the celebrities and entertainment you are absorbing and cease support to ENERGIES that have long-term destructive qualities. Turn the T.V. off or minimize the amount of mindless entertainment you absorb and learn to connect with others through their heart and soul.

Ask yourself if your life seems to replicate what you see on T.V. A reality that has been manufactured for your consumption and destruction, in order to make you more subservient and controllable. The Power Control Force, uses promiscuity and female liberation to undermine family values.

For those who can't see the harm in any of this, ask yourself how are things working out? It seems that we have replaced spiritual fulfillment and stable family structure with primal wants. Our spiritual strength has weakened because it's hard for many to have strength in a society that continuously defines normal behavior in a perverse way that does not bring true fulfillment.

I will speak more about this later, it's just something to think about as you watch the media and see those around you morph into robotic characters who operate and behave against of their spiritual best interest.

Turn away from all ENERGIES that don't respect family structure or the idea of having a spiritual connection with another.

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