Black People Dehumanizing Each Other

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5-year old McKayla and her mother in the hospital after being shot in the leg. Hopefully those aren't desensitized smiles that reflect being in an environment where violence is so common, it's carries the ENERGY of tripping and getting back up. Hopefully those smiles reflect being grateful to be alive.

The Universe will keep churning metaphysically even after the Treyvon Martin case. We stopped united and felt a sense of power coming together in our fake support of Treyvon Martin's murder. Young Black boys and Black people in general are killed everyday and you don't hear a peep.

Many Black people have become subconsciously addicted to pin pointing racism because it's the only time this race can feel a sense of unity. I think it's wonderful that this sick mutation of the mind is waning away and many Black people will take no part in this sick mentality. You either care about the lives of the youth or you don't care there is no in-between in the Universe's eyes.

Just like we didn't and couldn't protect Treyvon wearing the ENERGY of this culture and seeming like a menace due to the culture we support and allow, we can't seem to penetrate the minds of negative Black people. People who terrorize the communities that many of us live in.

Though I never lived in a war-zone type of Black neighborhood, I'm grateful everyday I was able to escape to a place where I'm far from chaos instead of being several miles away from it. I'm wise enough to know negative ENERGIES drift and even those who live in better areas that are surrounded by chaos live in great danger.

Recently South Florida experienced one of its worst mass shootings. Note, I didn't say it was their only mass shooting, it's just considered one of the worst.

14 people were shot outside of a Funeral home as the people attended the wake of Morvin Andre who died March 16th after jumping from the 4th floor to the 2nd floor of a parking garage at Aventura Mall. Bloomingdale's security was in pursuit of him. Reports do not specify why they were in pursuit of him, but I'm sure it's clear that it was due to him being accused of stealing. Instead of being apprehended he decided to risk his life trying to escape.

It's being alleged that he had connections with south Florida gangs. So, at the funeral there were gang members in attendance to pay respect in his death. During the wake a fight broke out in the funeral home after some of the gang members felt other gang members touched his body in a disrespectful way.

Members of one gang retrieved an assault rifle and handgun from a car and opened fire at other gang members in front of the funeral home. 14 people where shot and two were killed. Amongst those shot was a 5-year old girl, who was shot in the leg. A bullet was lodged in her bone and doctors opted to keep the bullet in the bone because the injury was considered non-life threatening.

A 47-year old man was killed and died in front of the pastor and a 27-year old man was killed, after dying at the hospital due to his injuries.

Miami-Dade county police patrol this area, an area where Treyvon Martin was from

Enough writing, listen to my RANT on how this race dehumanizes each other (Podcast will load)

Dehumanize--- To deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility
                        Deprive of human qualities: "the dehumanizing effects of war"

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