Fellas, Oral Sex Should Be Spiritual!

I'm going to be honest and say I've never given a man oral sex. I think it's something that should be reserved for marriage or a really long-term intense, spiritual relationship where many things have been demonstrated "action wise". In fact I'm a little stronger than most so there is another peculiarity about me that I will reveal in time.

But because we live in a society where sex is marketed as a cure and a way to solidify a union with a person, it's important to get this information out there.

Oral Cancer is becoming prevalent amongst men in this century. 

See, it's important to see the transitions in things. In this day and age oral sex is talked about continuously in the culture, especially rap music, so it's bound to penetrate the subconscious mind as being a "must" in order to please someone.

Matters are only made worst when you take into consideration the fact that many people are high off of drugs that make them lose their inhibitions and their sense of being cautionary.  Of course it's easy to see that in addition to this people are sleeping around in this fast paced technology fueled Society. A society where a many people jump from one person to the next with ease.
Over 20 million people have HPV, that's almost the entire population of some minority groups in this country. HPV seems like a harmless disease because it does not have any symptoms until it transitions into other dangerous diseases. HPV goes undetected in many women until they develop a form of cancer, mainly cervical cancer.

When men indiscriminately perform oral sex on women with the mindset that it will ensure her satisfaction, they put themselves at risk. They are in danger of contracting HPV orally which leads to mouth, throat, head and neck cancer.

The Universe would never let people "sleep around" without great consequences. It's another reality and law of nature people chose to ignore in order to gain temporary satisfaction. The Universe has made it clear that it was not designed to sustain these types of actions. Only the strongest people and those who find it freeing to have control over themselves understand this.

I don't want to preach in this article, I just want to emphasis to all people that it's OK to be different. I have a spiritual compulsion to convey that to people.It's OK to go against what you're told in the media is the definition of being normal. It's OK to question the things you watch and absorb and instead choose to sense all things that are being told to you. Most of the time what you watch and hear is not complete reality but simply a play on your senses. Having the spiritual strength to realize this is what sets you apart from the average.

I hope that people support me in getting my film camera, so that I can visually come against a lot of the ENERGIES we've been trapped by.

Click here to read more about HPV in men from a medical standpoint.

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