Is Dark ENERGY Winning?

More than ever every family needs to create an aura of protection around itself. The family needs to make clear which destructive ENERGIES it's trying to block from the household and family unit. You cant' just depend on common-sense in this day and age. So many negative ENERGIES are presented in a disguising way, that they seem unassuming until the spirit takes them in.

Entertainment is more addictive than people would ever care to think. It's so important to have balance in your life because of this. It seems so self-explanatory but I have witnessed with my own eyes reality T.V. consume the attention of people to the extent where it seems that close to half of the shows on T.V. in the mainstream revolve around it.

Imagine taking the time to be conscious of yourself and the lives of your family. Doing so will give you more power and strength in a world that can weaken you spiritually.

At times you can't help but ask yourself if dark ENERGY is winning? Many people get confused when they think of the idea of progression. As a society we are becoming more and more technically advanced and have creative inventiveness but spiritually we seem to be regressing.

Most people are wired to the media and I don't think they take the time to ask themselves what type of life they want and therefore what type of ENERGIES they should allow into it.  You have the power to do this. You have the power to soar above the madness that is consuming those in your environment.

Most forms of entertainment have become weapons of destruction to the average mind. It's ENERGY is based on conflicting morals and confuses the spirit:
  • Can I use my body to succeed, she did it, no I don't know the whole truth but she looks fine
  • Is it OK to share myself with multiple people, he is and he's successful, yes he left many women in the dust who point their resentment to him, but I can get around that
  • Is it OK to dabble in drugs, they do it and they're successful, OK yes, they are addicts and can't stop, but that doesn't have to be me.
  • Is it OK to have no boundaries till I get old, they say so? No, they never create a purpose in life and suffer when old but, maybe I can get around that.
  • Will materialistic things gained in anyway make me feel better, they say it will? Yes, it will become like a drug and only give me the appearance of power, but can't I live with that?
  • Am I a better person if I have a lot of money, they say so? No money can't make me feel like better emotionally, but I can seem better than others on the outside.
  • Is it OK to watch men being competitive towards other men and not feel competitive? Yes it will make me feel like I have something to prove and weaken me in the long-run, but while I seem better it will feel good.
I think everyone should create a moral map in life. No one's perfect but it will help guide you through life and prevent you from falling completely off track. Most importantly it will help you stay conscious of your surroundings and keep you stronger than most.

Though I'm not an Evangelist, I came across a video that can't help but make a person think. A video that reveals how the Devil or DARK ENERGY can sneak up and consume people by making them apart of their own destruction. Using entertainment in a way that ultimately becomes a weapon against mankind is one of the biggest ways he does this.

Click Here to Watch the Short Video

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