The Trap Many "Successful" Black Women Fall Into (Revisting an ENERGY)

I have a love hate relationship with Tariq Nasheed a self-proclaimed "Mack" who goes by the name "Tariq The Elite". Tariq teaches men how to use "macking" skills to take control in a relationship.Without going into detail let's just say a lot of his advice on relationships wouldn't lead to a spiritual union in my opinion. His relationship advice does not seem to be geared towards creating a balance exchange of loving ENERGIES within a relationship. Instead they seem to be geared more towards men who have the tendency to date and juggle many women at the same time and have no intention of being with one person.However I can't deny or ignore the fact that like me, he has an uncanny ability to absorb the ENERGY of situations.Like my self he can reveal the true motives and mentalities behind what is shown.

I recently came across a video where he speaks about the infamous news special "Why Successful Black Women Are Single". In the video he points out how the special was really a patronizing diss to Black women. He also speaks about the "behind the scenes" driving forces who create specials like this on purpose to create division between Black men and Black women. In the process it also entertains the masses and allows them to feel better about their lives during times of struggle. A human nature tendency of displayed by those who dominate since the beginning of time.

We need to stop allowing society to create a wedge between Black men and Black women. We need to quit allowing others to define the success we may have as being a-typical to our race. Our success should simply become an asset to our self's, community and race. Once we allow others to make our success seem "alien" to those around us it subconsciously draws a wedge of resentment between ourselves and others.That is one of the main reasons Black people have a hard time celebrating the success of other Black people. We allow others to make us feel that we are better than those amongst us who may not have the so-called "Title" of success. Therefore those who don't have this title, subconsciously feel the need to "tear down" or deflate the egos of those who "do". Instead we have to bring our success's home and share it with others without the mentality "I made it, you didn't, I'm the better, lucky one".

I won't go on, I will be writing more about this sad phenomenon and how society makes a point in creating these ENERGIES that effect the way we interact as a race. Of course, I will be emphasizing that falling prey to theses tactics is not an excuse and The Universe will not sympathize with this race because we are easily targeted. I will also speak about how it's not necessarily racism when those who dominate the media create distortions. In reality it's human nature and another reason Black people must obtain and support the positive success of each other to have our own.

Listen to Tariq Nasheed unveil the "undercurrent" ENERGIES of the special "Why Are Successful Black Women Single"

Watch Part Two Here

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