The Things People Do to Get High

I find the following story truly sad. As with most things I absorb the ENERGY of a story or incident and in this case what's revealed is eye-opening.

First, it's really sad that people can't make the connection between living in a less spiritual world with the need to take drugs to feel sensation. We live in a materialistic world where interactions are less satisfying internally, they don't warm the spirit or make a person feel fulfilled.We are actually living more like robots and less like the spiritual beings we should be.

Many people seek out substance abuse to "feel". Not only do they want to feel, they also want to mask their lack of numbness and pain. It's important for people to realize that the culture in society is not designed to make them feel fulfilled spiritually, which would produce a natural high. Music is empty, T.V. shows and movies have no substance, even the ideas of "social fun" that's being pushed will leave a person feeling empty and eager to feel something more deep. Drugs have always been that element thought to allow a person to feel intensity in their life.

The following story demonstrates the lengths people will go to in order to get high and escape the realities of their emotionally void lives.

Woman Who Injected Bath Salts Loses Arm

A 34-year old woman injected Bath Salts into her arm, two days later she visited the hospital to complain about the pain in her arm and it was discovered she had necrotizing fasciitis, a (flesh-eating bacteria), which resulted in her right arm and shoulder being amputated.

It's important to point out, Bath Salts are legal and should be used to soak in the bath to relieve tired muscles. Unfortunately it's been discovered Bath Salts contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). These drugs have similar effects to cocaine and Meth, but they also have more devastating side-effects such as paranoia, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, rapid heartbeat and aggressive tendencies. Often-times it's sold in smoke shops and convenience stores and is becoming a growing epidemic in many states.

The sad thing is, most people snort it or smoke it. However the woman in the story was so desperate for an intense high, she injected the drugs into her arm so that it would enter her bloodstream. She understood that drugs injected into the bloodstream have stronger effects. This is why heroin and "Meth" are so dangerous and addictive.

Due to the growing epidemic of people using Bath Salts as drugs, many states are choosing to ban the sale of Bath Salts to help lessen the accessibility of the drug.
Other synthetic drugs marketed as not being safe for human consumption are being abused too. Drugs like "Mojo" and "K-2" are bath salts and herbs known to give the same high of marijuana. Both are marketed as incenses but people smoke them like they do marijuana. The problem with these herbs is, there are no studies explaining the side-effects of taking these substances.

ATTENTION: I can only hope in my heart that this isn't another example of those secretly in power wanting this to become an epidemic and problem in the community by reporting it through major news sources. I would not have posted this information if this woman did not loose her arm and shoulder. I hope it conveys the ENERGY that taking these substances is not worth the risk, it's better to find out why you have to go through extreme measures to get high and be in an altered state.

Take a look at these two videos that show the effects of the drugs and how it makes someone behave.

.Here is another even more disturbing video, that show the side-effects of these synthetic drugs.

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