Manipulation in Dating--A Comment Reveals an ENERGY

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I came across this shocking comment, a comment with such a revealing ENERGY it's worth exploring:
I like the tip about eating before you go to dinner so that you only eat a little at dinner and the chick isn't going to want to eat more than you so you end up with a small bill that's some clever game
Yes, you read it correctly!

Congratulations to all those who see how appalling this comment is. For those who don't see it, it's important to remember "game attracts game"  So when you think you are winning, oftentimes you lose spiritually which eventually makes you numb and frustrated emotionally. You become numb because in the Universe's eyes you don't have the right to feel. You don't have the right to feel because you chose to go through people like playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" and don't seek a real spiritual connection. It's like cheating at a game your sense of accomplishment in doing so is never gratifying. Deep down you know you are not being genuine, so subconsciously you know you are a fraud.

This comment is by someone who was taught by self-proclaimed "'Mack"  Tariq Naheed on how to handle women in dating. A man who gives tips to other men on how to "Mack" a woman and make sure they don't pay too much for a date, be too nice or show too much interest to a woman therefore giving them the upper hand. He is the author of the book "The Art of Macking".

Ironically he is also author of a book geared toward women "Play or be Played", a book that teaches women tactics on how to date men and come out on "top" when it comes to effort. So in essence, it's a book that protects women from techniques like above. The irony of this supports my statement that like ENERGIES attract each other. The more men so-call "Mack" a woman, the more women will defend themselves and "Mack" too. So Tariq teaches men how to be manipulative with the disguise of making it seem necessary in today's dating scene and then teaches women how to pinpoint this manipulation.

Though I have revealed this man because I don't think his relationship advice leads to spiritual connections, I don't want to "trash talk" him either. I have seen a few of his videos that speak about other issues of society and this race that I agree with

In any case I must Sigh!

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the "Twilight Zone".

Shouldn't a person like someone enough that they don't mind making a person happy by allowing them to eat what they want on a date? Shouldn't a person like a person enough that they don't feel the need to play games and manipulate the person?

The answer in this less spiritual world seems to be "No". Dating in this era is not about making true connections. It's about attracting anyone and seeing where it goes. It's not about holding out for someone who you truly want to get to know, it's about scanning through people and being attracted to just the physical, hoping sex will occur. And even more disturbing is the desire to do this by doing as little as possible. That seems to be the position of particularly men on the "dating scene"..

I urge men and women in this era to be very careful when dating because the actions of those in Society are driven by what they see in this culture and what they're told they should be doing. Their actions aren't genuine, they simple act because they can or have the opportunity. They collect numbers, and online friends,  then go through people using them, because they can and it's easy. It's not hard to unknowingly become just a number amongst many others. After-all it takes little to no effort on their part.

Keep in mind, a woman who's treated by a man in the way mentioned above is still a woman the man would want to sleep with. A man who thinks this way would still want to use what a woman should be cherishing the most, her body. When taking a woman out, a man like this is only thinking of the possible outcome. He believes that doing so will lead to sex. He's not taking a woman out because he enjoys going out and wants to share that with a woman he truly likes.

It's a routine, it's a facade, it's manipulation. Again, he's simply using the technique of 'doing at least as possible in order to have sex'.

There are many men out their like this, and it's important for positive Brothers who watch on the sidelines to realize this is one of the thousands of reasons many Black women develop attitudes and become harden. And most disturbing as I mentioned, they often-times become "Players" too. They do this to gain power so they don't have to feel like victims.

As we continue to go deeper and deeper into a less spiritual world many mutations will be seen..Mutations that effect how we interact with each other and how we view relationships, it's a scary thing.

It's scary because most people don't realize the changes of mentality within the dating scene.Like no other time in history people view other people as being easily dispensable. Despite this, most people are still driven by 'love of attention' and can't help but feel desirable when someone gives it to them. It's one of the reasons many people fall into traps like this.

At the end of the day you will feel used. We all hear about women who sleep with a man after a date at Denny's or a "two-piece meal" at KFC. It's important to cherish your body and self enough to wait for a man who is willing to demonstrate he likes you.

And for men who believe that this is clever, you should only seek and ask out women you really like. Women you don't mind taking out. Many men will disagree, they believe they should be able to use these tactics while they navigate the dating scene. This is not so, treating a woman in this way only speaks of a low character and oftentimes you get what you give. You have only been told to "shop" through women by the media, choosing to do so is your choice.

If you are a man who is not financially able to date randomly, you should be even more particular when it comes to meeting a woman. You should only set-up dates with women you have been able to communicate with and find their personality appealing. There is no excuse for having a low character. You can easily direct the date based on your finances without trying to limit the amount of fun or freedom of choice the person you're dating has when going out.

I would rather a guy take me bowling and play a couple of matches, than have him take me to a nice restaurant and try to coherence me into buying something cheap.

In Society today we're bombarded with websites, that make "hooking up" easy.

For example, I don't like social media. I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account and I rarely go on either. If I do go on these sites, it's usually to promote an article I've written. I don't go to interact with random people. In fact, because I'm a deep person, I find it very hard and frustrating when attempting to do so. I don't find joy in social networking sites which have the ENERGY of randomness. I'm someone that has to connect with someone on a personal level to feel satisfied. I don't like creating something out of "small talk".

The reality of social media sites and the ENERGY that defines them, have become devastating to social interactions on a spiritual level. People simply meet and "friend" people because it's easy and it's exciting to see their list of contacts grow.

Both sites allow people to meet and interact with hundreds of people simultaneously. Things are rarely personal even when it seems it might be. People have the option of talking to the hundreds or even thousands of friends they connect with on these sites. There's a lack of merging of the souls. Because of this people tend to date and interact in a way that has the same ENERGY, an ENERGY of "window shopping". There's no need to focus on one person and allow the seeds of that interaction to grow..

I feel that this phenomenon and the fact that it's a less spiritual world has caused people to develop the idea of "handling" another person, not connect with them. Each person can be picked up and examined to see if they can be used. Both men and women will welcome interactions with others but their heart is not really in it. This is the main reason I've never chosen to meet someone online. it doesn't mean it isn't possible for this to happen and it turns out to be a good thing. But, the odds in my opinion are low or temporary. Most people talk to multiple people simultaneously even if you develop a relationship with them in this way, they become addicted to doing this.

Just today I received a note in one of my inbox's that said:
Join now. It is an dating site targeted especially for the Black American Community. Register and find your soulmate or sexual partner.
Of course what stood out to me was the fact that person made it clear that you can choose to look for someone who's just a "sex partner". I can only imagine that the "hit or miss" odds are higher than if a person had to "take to the streets" to do the same. Not to mention online offers more privacy and the ability to be secretive.

Well, I guess we could expect the devil, dark ENERGY to find a way to penetrate anything that we do. This is a topic I will speak about periodically.

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