300 Dead in Europe Cold Snap

As we experience one of the mildest winters I can remember here on the East coast of the United States, people in Europe are suffering from  extreme cold temperatures.

So far over 300 people have died from the severe weather. Many homeless people have taken the brunt of the fatalities and simply froze to death in temperatures plummeting to -40 degrees Fahrenheit at night in many areas. The weather has affected much of Europe and has even crossed the Mediterranean into North Africa killing 16 due to accidents caused on the snow slick roads. I can only assume the residents aren't use to driving in the snow and that played a big part in these accidents.

Many of us complain when it's 30 or 40 degrees, imagine it being below 40. All I can say is "Wow".

The worst seems to be in Rome, where Black ice covered by snow has paralyzed traffic bringing the city to a standstill. Many residents claim they are not receiving the emergency assistance they need and are having to fend for themselves. Many residents have had to saw through fallen trees and it's reported that two men suffered heart-attacks while shoveling.

And my heart just melted after reading about two neighbors who helped a woman give birth due to emergency assistance not being able to reach her. In light of the weather she decided to name the daughter she gave birth to "Snjezana" which is "Snow White" in Croatian.

One of my neighbors just knocked on my door, and I could tell by the knock it was to ask for something, so I didn't answer the door. I know, I know I'm mean, I try so hard, but I do help them at times and I did eventually look outside, but it seems they were at another neighbors house across the way asking them for whatever they wanted. This story reminds me, you never know when you will need your neighbors help.

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*Photos courtesy of Newser.com

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