Dealing with Toxic People

Don't let negative and TOXIC people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!"---Robert Tew
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One of the biggest challenges in life is learning how to deal with "toxic" people you care about. I'm sure most people can determine just based off of their personal lives that, they can't change a toxic person. If a toxic person remains toxic most of their lives they will more than likely subconsciously go through life trying to manage and deal with others by judgingl things through their toxic thoughts.

Now just for clarity, let me explain what a toxic person is; In a nutshell, a toxic person is someone who can't move on when it comes to occurrences where they felt mistreated. Often their perception is not completely accurate and their past experiences revolved around their own character and state of being. However, despite this they're convinced they are victims.

A lot of times they appear OK on the surface and hold the illusion that they have moved on, but all you have to do is get them talking and all the toxic build-up that's inside of them will come to the surface.

It's important to learn to deal with toxic people, especially if they are a loved one. This is because most people would rather not separate themselves from a loved one. Do you know that the only way to deal with a situation like this is to limit yourself to the ENERGY of the toxic person?

For the toxic person I am thinking of, the best scenario for me is to be around the toxic person when others are around. When that is not the case many times the one-on-one conversations that we have leads to the toxicity within the them coming to the surface. When we are around others the toxic person does not want to reveal their resentful, bitterness, but goes into attack mode when they feel unexposed by a crowd or group.

This can drain your ENERGY and holds the risk of you too becoming toxic. You will engage in their low conscious way of being and stoop to their level, creating a hostile situation.

It's a natural human instinct for humans to become defensive when feeling attacked, so unwillingly you will begin to address things you decided to let go. It's important to remember you have let it go, but the toxic person is causing you to resort to the negative ENERGY of the situation to resurface.

See,  the spirit's designed to progress, when it is not allowed to progress,and holds on to bitterness and resentment it causes a dangerous formula that affects a person's life. The toxic person just recycles the toxicity within them because they don't allow themselves to let go of painful experiences.

Now let me give you an example of why it's important to think before dealing with a person that you know is Toxic.

I recently took some time off and went back home to visit someone I care about who's in the hospital. In doing so I stayed with a toxic person that I love because that person was close to the person in the hospital. I lived with this toxic person and was raised by them. In an effort to get me to do something they feel is necessary in my life this toxic person started bringing up past incidents they felt was the cause of me not doing what they where urging me to do.

What the person was urging me to do is a necessity, but my lack of doing what they where encouraging had nothing to do with my perceived rebellious nature when I was a child. I am a grown woman now who has a higher consciousness. And though I've never mirrored my life around those who SEEM to have the ENERGY of success I have become very successful spiritually and consciously which leads to another level of success in the long-run. One that is more physically and spiritually gratifying.

Unfortunately, the toxic person has no conscious ability to see this, so here's where things get dangerous and chaotic. The toxic person felt the need to list all the misdeeds they felt I had committed and tried to resign me to the level of still being a child and because of this an argument ensued.

The toxic person literally brought our current relationship and way of communicating back to the level of prior times when I was growing up. A level of complete madness and disrespect through raised voices, insulting and hostility ending with a willingness to be dismissive of the other by not valuing their existence and shutting down communication. Ironically this toxic person is the only one who's ever brought out these low spiritual vibrations in me.

Luckily I know my self and understand, I've gone past being sucked in by low vibrations as I've grown. I do not raise my voice and attack others in an insulting way due to anger. I do not harbor resentment from the past and use that to strengthen my weapons. I've gotten past defending myself to those who do not absorb the growth of my spirit and consciousness. A toxic person disregards all of this and remains a low spiritual vibration.

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