Mothers With Ex-Convicts Must Be Careful

In order for people to understand the ENERGY I am about to reveal I will be tying together two stories. Both of the stories are tragic and disgusting but my aim is to attack negative ENERGIES so I must address these issues. It is not conclusive that these incidents stem from the perpetrators being ex-inmates but I want to use the ENERGY of these stories to enlighten the public to the fact that they often do.

The first story is of a father who raped his 6-month year old son. The other is about a 5-year old anally assaulted by his classmates.

The reason why I tie these stories together is because they have the same ENERGY. It is beyond the comprehension of many the ENERGY of jail and the things that go on in jail. Many people refuse to acknowledge the mutation that occurs within many men when they are in that environment or exposed to those who where.

Sex in jail has mutated over the years and doesn't just revolve around "Big Bubba" attacking the smaller weaker man for sexual gratification. This is a a fact and reality I will be writing extensively about within a future articles. jail has transformed into an environment over the years where sex in jail and the rapping of other men has grown epidemic.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the reasons is that sex in jail whether through oral or anal has become more and more condonable. It has become more and more condonable due to the concentration of gangs in jail. Gangs carry out many sexual assaults in jail.

Not long ago, a corrections officer on a forum explained phenomenon occurring in prison.  She claimed to have come across a gang rule book which stated that one of the rules of the gang was that they are to carry out sexual acts together. They are do do this for ;many reasons. It must be understood that men are not just having sex in prison for sexual gratification, they will rape a man if he owes a debt, gets out of place or to simply break him down.

As I stated in my article "The New Way Black Men Insult Each Other":
Male primates in the wild have been known to rape each other to exert dominance.
So it must be understood that many men who come and go from prison have the burden of dealing with this. In the process often times their minds snap in a mutated way in order to deal with their experience. In order to feel control and power over themselves after being in such a helpless situation, they will become the assaulter and victimize others.

Many of these men begin with the most helpless victims. Lenny Love chose that victim to be his 6-month year old son. When looking at his picture it's clear to see that he is not all there. It's more then likely he has had to go through the same type of abuse in life. It's clear that his spirit was broken and he has a developed a "don't care attitude".
One can only Thank God that Lenny Love's 6-month year old son was saved at such a young age. Hopefully he will have no recollection of the trauma he suffered at a young age. Without him being saved, he would have had to endure the abuse of his father through the years, forcing him to cope with it. In being forced to do so, he would have more then likely found a way to release the frustration of his abuse by condoning it through becoming a predator himself.

The next incident involving the 5-year old son of Yenny Valero is equally disturbing. I think it's important to emphasize that the child was 5-years old because most would agree at that age children do what they see. They not only do what they see but they do what they are exposed to.

Though the incident cannot be substantiated by school officals, Yenny Valero claims that her 5-year old son was held down by another group of kids his age and assaulted when they one or more of the boys stuck their finger in his anus. 

Now I think it's safe to say that this is not something that 5-year old children just pick up. To carry out such an act they would have had to experience it or witness it. It must be made clear that her story cannot be substantiated according to school officials. Of course that could be for one of many reasons. The first reason could be the fact that school officials do not want to substantiate the incident due to the $10 million dollar lawsuit Mrs. Valero has filed.
Another reason could be that he was instructed to say this happened to him, by a jail culture man. One who was thinking consciously or subconsciously for a way that this boy could claim to have been victimized. Who truly knows at this point? One thing is for sure, this incident mirrors exactly the type of behavior becoming prevalent in prison. Many men are held down by a group of men and a finger or object is inserted in their anus just to sodomize the man or to prepare him for anal sex.

I won't go on, I will be talking about this issue in many future articles. I simply wanted to use the ENERGY of two incidents to reveal some of the ENERGIES that are rabid in prison, in this era. But above all it's important to warm women who have Jail Culture men in their life that so-called love is one thing. But watching and protecting their children should always come first.

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