Aiyana Jones Family Changed By Metaphysics

Last year we where all touched by the story of Aiyana Jones who was killed during a police raid. The Detroit Special Response team was there to arrest murder suspect Chauncey Owens for the murder of Je'Rean Blake.While Aiyana laid asleep on the couch a flash grenade was thrown through the window of the home right before the raid team burst through the front door.

It's unclear what happened at that point. But one thing is sure she was accidentally shot and killed by Officer Joseph Weeks. Officer weeks has claimed that he tussled with the grandmother and his gun went off accidentally. There is some speculation that the shooting began on the front porch. During this fiasco Chauncey Owens was "hiding out" in the separate upstairs apartment.

Well in typical fashion I'm not writing this to convey to you the basic details of a story you already know or heard about. I like to go deeper, I like to reveal the ENERGY of situations.

I will however give an up-to-date report on what has occured since this incident. Chauncey Owens, the fiance of Aiyana's Aunt plead guilty to 2nd degree murder in the killing of Je"Rean Blake. He did this under a plea bargain to receive only 28 years. In order to cop a plea bargain he gave up Charles Jones, Aiyana's father. Owens claims Charles Jones supplied him with the weapon and helped him carry out the crime. Michigan law says that anyone who "procures, counsels, aids or abets" in the commission of a crime may be tried and convicted as if he or she had directly committed the offense.

Ok so let's assess the metaphysical ENERGY of this case.
I will start off by bringing  up the disturbing fact that the women of the family don't seem to have the self-respect or capability to pick good men. What type of cycle and ENERGY do you think that brings to the family?

Chauncey Owens was the fiance of Aiyana Jones's Aunt. He had a history of criminal activity. In 1995 Owens was charged with breaking and entering as well as trying to escape from prison. In 2005 he was charged with unlawfully driving a vehicle.

At the time of the raid Owens was not in his own home, he was staying with his future in-laws. That right there is sad and reflects a lack of stability. But just to have a man in typical fashion Aiyana's Aunt accepted this. Now in doing this what type of example is she setting for the young children within the house? I'm sure you can agree it's not a good one.

Then you have Charles Jones, a habitual criminal who though he never spent time in jail. In 2001 he was charged with two counts of unarmed robbery. In 2004 he was charged with eluding the police while driving a stolen vehicle. The charges where dropped and he cut a deal with prosecutors in order to receive probation only.

Now logic and statistics show that without drastic intervention most small time criminals become big time criminals. I feel that this is demonstrated with both of these men. Most of the time criminals such as these keep going until they cannot go further. This is because they either die or go to jail.

Here's my ironic, twist and point of view; I don't necessarily believe that Charles Jones helped Charles Jones carry out the murder of Je'Rean Blake. I believe it's possible that Chauncey Owens simply stated this to get less time. But is that a police or Society problem, or a problem that we see everyday?.

Black men have a total disregard for each other. They are forced to grow up like trash piled together and forget the significance of each other. This is why they treat each other with such indifference.

Neither the less, the entire case revolves around metaphysics. The family embraced Chauncey Owens who was an unstable shady character with a deadly temper. One so deadly that as a 34 year old he decided to shoot and kill a 17 year old who simply gave him a dirty look. Upon embracing him, the Jones family brought negative ENERGY into their homes.

It's like the movie with Danny Glover, "To Sleep With Anger", once you allow negative ENERGY into your home it will destroy it. Danny Glover's character "Harry" was possessed by evil and had a desire to lead the men of the house astray through debauchery. You cannot ignore the symptoms of bad ENERGY like this family seem to.

Here's another metaphysical sad truth. Due to Charles Jones past criminal history he could easily be targeted. Once you live a life of crime and seem to be criminally inclined it's hard to escape that ENERGY.

Metaphysics caught up with this family and rocked their world.

Here's the Cycle:
The women of the family chose crap men>>>>>>>>>a young boy was killed>>>>>>>>the crap men brought negative ENERGY home>>>>>>>>>a young girl died>>>>>>>>>a police officer was charged>>>>>>>>>>one man got 30 years>>>>>>>>>>>>another man will possibly serve life for knowing and embracing this man>>>>>>>two families effected and two men dead.

Of course this is an insight into why I don't like many Black families in this era. The destruction that they bring is astounding. And due to this being in concentration within in many areas, I am very cautious of being around just any Black people.

I don't believe people should be rewarded for careless repetitive mistakes and bad choices, so hope that whatever settlement this family receives goes to Je'Rean Blakes mother.

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