Cook County Morgue Double Stacking Bodies

If you've been following my site you can understand that I believe in attacking negative ENERGY. Particularly negative ENERGIES that plague this race. A race endangered, a race quickly separating. I don't like to just talk, I like to take action. That's the main reason for me starting my two blog websites.

I headed over to the Black Informant and came across this sad and astounding reality. A reality that reveals the ENERGY of Cook County. An area plagued by gangs, drugs and violence.

Cooks County Morgue in Illinois has to double-stack dead bodies due to not having enough caskets to bury those unclaimed or unidentifiable. This is not the first time this has happened but when it does, the bodies are stacked in twos on trays and stored in its cooler.

I want this very vivid picture to burn in the minds of people. In fact if you live in the area or in an area like it, you should take this picture and mount it somewhere it's visible. I urge that community leaders and educators show the ENERGY of what you talk about, not just talk.

Click Read more for a larger picture.


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