Son Rapes Mother Like in Jail

A 37-year old man raped his mother after asking her to hold a table and help him change a light bulb.  When she went to do so, he came up behind her and raped her.

OK here we go again, here we go with me having the ENERGY of being annoying. I know I'm annoying, but I like being annoying. I don't like to simply go "ahh" and "so sad" when it comes to incidents like this. I don't like to just say "that's horrible", "what a shame" and move on when it comes to incidents like this.

I have an investigative, analytical mind that likes to go beyond the surface. I like to go deeper into a level of thinking that would take most people out of their "comfort zone". After-all most people are simply worried about their own lives and don't care to get to the root of an ENERGY or negative occurrence.Most do this until that ENERGY knocks on their door. And because ENERGY grows and spreads like a fog the possibility of that happening is great.

A neighbor in the neighborhood stated: these types of incidents happen all the time.

So when I say the following after absorbing an incident like this, and someone has the ENERGY of not wanting to address these possibilities, it becomes irritating.

I wish people had higher consciousness and could connect the dots. Most mothers would not report something like this, so when the neighbor says it happens all the time I believe her. People think Black men just go to jail and come home, no, they mentally mutate. I would bet my last dollar that he's spent time in jail and absorbed the ENERGY of his surroundings. It sounds like a typical Jail house set up, where they attack men from behind. I can see a lot of these men who really snap taking out their aggression on a loved one out of resentment of even being born. Many men are getting raped by other men in the community too, and they won't report it. I won't go on I know most people like to stay in a "comfort zone" so when things like this happen they say "oh gosh, I can't believe it how could that happen" then move on. I don't, I connect dots and there's alot of evidence that shows how Black men mutate mentally after going to jail and living like animals with other animals. It's the type of research most people don't care to do.

I keep reminding Black people that Black men don't simply go to jail and come home when their time is up. In jail they transform in many ways. Often they "snap" mentally and play out the many ENERGIES of jail once they leave and come back home.

I don't think people are willing to leave their "comfort zones" and explore the different mutated ENERGIES that exist in jail. Mutated ENERGIES mean, actions and mentalities developed based on the environment a person's confined to. Someone who doesn't have coping skills might bang their heads against the wall if they are held in confinement, or spread feces on the wall when in confinement. Both of these ENERGIES are demonstrated in prison. Many people simply "snap" and act in ways that would not be typical under other circumstances.

The same is evident when it comes to sex in jail. The idea of "Big Bubba" being the man in jail that targets younger weak boys for sex has expanded and mutated. Sex in jail has become a big problem in this era, due to overcrowded jails flooded with gangs. Many men are raped by gangs of men who do not consider themselves gay. Many men are preying on other men and focusing on their butts because it's more accepted and not looked down on by other men in prison in this era.Many men in prison are accepting and understanding these actions more and more. I've heard this from the "horse's mouth". A correctional officer stated she came across a jailhouse gangs rule book and one of the rules states: Fellow gang members are to participate with raping other men for multiple reasons.

They rape men not only for a sexual release but to "break" them down, to prove dominance and a point, to punish for unpaid debts and many other reasons. My point is sexual abuse has become a weapon for many men in prison. Due to this, there's no mystery that this ENERGY develops a mentality that mutates the minds of these men and they bring that ENERGY home. More and more men and women are preyed upon in their communities. Just last month in Brooklyn, N.Y. a serial rapist was targeting men, robbing them then sexually assaulting them.

I will not go on about this, but it's important to understand the core of an action, particularly when it only intensifies and becomes more compound if ignored.

Let's do all that we can as a community to prevent Black men from going to jail. This starts by turning away from this culture that promotes and celebrates behaviors that send Black men to prison in the first place.


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