Texas Man's Execution Stay does not Erase Truth

Duane Buck 48, of Huntsville, Texas life was spared with a "stay of execution" right before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection.

In 1997 Buck was convicted of the shotgun murders of his then girlfriend Debra Gardner and another person Kenneth Butler who Buck believed was sleeping with Gardner. In 1995 after having an argument with Gardner, Duane Buck hit her and took some of his belongings and left.

He returned to the house a few hours later and shot Kenneth Butler in the hallway. He then chased Debra Gardner outside with here kids in tow and shot and killed her in the street. When police arrived he stated "the bitch deserved what she go".

He was convicted of first degree murder for both crimes and sentenced to death.

During his trial psychologist Walter Quijano testified that Black men were more likely to become repeat offenders if they are let out of prison.

Due to this testimony Bucks lawyers claimed he was being executed due to his skin color.

Here's the amazing thing, both parties are right.

Walter Quijano was right about his research and assessment of Black male prisoners.Yes, Black male offenders are more likely to get out of jail and become a repeat offender. Often times they are going back to the environment that caused them to fall in the first place. That is not an excuse but an explanation.

At the same time, should a man be killed because he might possibly fall into statistics. Because he could be the exception to the norm, should his life be taken?

What should the verdict be?

I think it was very appropriate to "stay" the execution. I believe this because despite statistical data indicating Black men do not reform easily, Duane Buck could represent an exception. Even if the exception accounted for 1% of Black men that leave prison who do not become re-offenders, Duane Buck has the right to be given that benefit of the doubt.

However as I stated before, it does not take away the fact that the research of Walter Quijano is substantiated and true.

Here's reason number one-million, ca-trillion as to why you do not want any Black male you know caught up in the Justice system. The Justice system makes things concentrated and people will react based on statistics and studies. Prisoners aren't treated as individuals they are simply a number.

At the same time, I do want to intercept and point out that Duane Buck's actions can not and are not dismissed. It seems like he has found God in prison, or at least has learned to acknowledge him more. He stated when the "stay" of execution was decided:
"Praise the Lord, God is worthy to be praised. God's mercy triumphs over judgment. I feel good,"
This execution "stay" is not permanent but allows his lawyers to file an appeal.


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