Ocala Florida Woman Shot, Keeps Fighting

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I'm sure by know many of your realize I like to go beyond the details of an incident in order to dig deeper. I expose the ENERGY of situations. ENERGY reveals the extinct of a situation and how severe the underlining problem is cemented in an environment.

In Ocala Florida,  Brittany Thomas was shot during a fight outside the Spring Manor Apartments where she lives.

Brittany claims she went outside for a smoke break and was approached by an unknown woman who claims "she was talking junk". A fight ensued between the two drawing a crowd. During the altercation a gun-man said to be in his 20's by a witness opened fired into the crowd.

Now here's where things become shocking and revealing in an ENERGY sense.

<a href='http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/ocala-shooting-injures-woman/1d0sizgcg' target='_new' title='Ocala Shooting Injures Woman' >Video: Ocala Shooting Injures Woman</a>
Source, After hearing the gunshots Brittany stopped fighting and reacted momentarily, but then continued to fight. Eventually she looked down after touching her back and realized there was blood indicating she was shot. It's not hard to absorb the fact that based on Brittany's actions where she only stopped fighting temporarily after hearing gunshots, that this neighborhood is desensitized by gun violence.

It's hard to imagine a neighborhood so desensitized by guns that despite a gun going off in close proximity the fight continued.

These are the ENERGIES that need to be exposed and the community needs to be woken up from their desensitization. They need to know that this is not normal, that people do not live like this, that they are abnormal. There are many neighborhoods where people hear guns in the distance or shots that are outside of their proximity and feel helpless to the point where they ignore it.

But what does it say about a neighborhood where a group of people can be shot at and simply resume what they where doing? Are they living a normal lifestyle? Are they breeding children in this desensitized environment that will grow up tame and normal? Or will these children just duplicate the ENERGY they where exposed to?

It tells me that these people simply live. They do not value their lives or the lives of others. They react and move about until they can't anymore. They live day by day wondering why they are here and tolerate living in these conditions because they feel worthless and don't value their lives.

How do we curb the desensitization of people who live like this?

I would say the first step would be to bring a sense of shame to the people who live like this. People change when they feel shame. People do not change simply because someone tells them what they are doing is wrong. Many times people have learned to live with the so-called "wrong" that you are addressing.

In this one incident the ENERGY of the neighborhood was revealed. An ENERGY that indicates that crime, and violence is so out in the open the people of the community simply try to navigate it like avoiding trash in the street. They don't try to pick up the trash of course, they simply navigate it.

I will add Ocala, Florida to my list of places to avoid and be weary of. I encourage people to examine the ENERGY of the neighborhoods they seek to settle into or around. Desensitization is a virus and spreads to all those who sit in "crap" day in and day out. Due to this they become incapable of creating and preserving a better community and environment.

By the way if you have any information about this incident or the shooter please contact: Crime Stoppers at 352-368-STOP.

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