Black Youth's Career Choice Harms Old Man

I've already spoke about this and I will speak about it again. It's very frustrating living in a Society that does not want to penetrate the core of a problem, but instead address them in the same cliche way by saying the same cliche things.

An elderly man in the Bronx was recently attacked and robed by three youths. He was attacked, beaten and robbed of $60 dollars and his Bible after returning home from a late shift at 2am. As he passed the youths he said "hi" to them and proceeded to enter the Fordham Heights apartment building on Creston Avenue where he lives. He held the door open for one youth who in turn let his friends in, that's when he was assaulted.

He was grabbed by the neck thrown to the ground and beaten by the three youths.The attack was caught on surveillance video and it's not the first robbery in recent months. In fact the neighborhood has been concerned about a group of men who hangout at the nearby 182nd street and Grand Concourse subway station.

Ok, those are the overall details of the incident to read more visit the New York Post.

I don't want to be redundant and simply repeat incidents and state cliche things, as you can see by my website I like to go deeper. So I will.............

I've mentioned in other articles that we are dealing with a serious problem in our communities. These problems go beyond the youth having a lack of resources therefore causing mischief. Most of their mothers get foodstamps and most of them have enough to eat. Their mothers don't have to wait for the monthly "cheese line" to get food like in the past, when robberies where less frequent.

No, we have another problem on our hands, what is that problem?

The Culture

Yes folks it has been said repeatedly but it's worth saying again the culture of today influences the mentalities of the youth PERIOD.

Jay Rock "How to Rob"

It's not just the parents, society or the educational system. The culprit to most problems will lie in whatever is focused on most by a person. In the case of Black youth they focus on and are driven by this culture.

The motto in the culture is that you "Rob a Nigg*a When Broke". This is a message sent between Black men in this culture to each other. It's not a message or act that is look down on. Black men in the community have no reason to be ashamed of their actions, because they are supported by their peers and this culture.In fact it empowers their actions. Some of the most successful Black men in the media have sent a message that if they knew about their actions they would be impressed and ok with them. And as sad as it may be, Brothers in the street value their opinion more then their parents or the local preacher.

The opinions of their peers and their ability to gain respect and be inclusive with those around them is an ENERGY that most people don't understand. Most people fail to see how powerful this culture is when dictating how the youth dress, act, think and what they focus on.

All of the ENERGIES that we want to deter the youth from are present in this culture. To understand the truth one must look at the past. In the past there were less resources and more struggles for Black people but conditions were better in the community in a harmony sense.

Even the "Crack era" of the 80's displayed violence that revolved around those sucked in by the epidemic itself. Those who were drug dealers and those who where drug users faced the repercussions of their actions. Most robberies where done by those desperate for money to buy drugs and where committed mostly against drug dealers and addicts.

I did not grow up with Black men who spoke about "Robbing when Broke". In the 80's and 90's if you where broke you where broke. But it must be emphasized that the culture was different at that time. There wasn't a strong ENERGY of robbing in the music until the late 90's.

The late 90's representing the tilting of the scales where Hip Hop turned to a predatory ENERGY. Making money is spoken about in a predatory way, sex is spoken about in a predatory way and robbing people when you are broke to get money is spoken in a predatory way.

So what do we do about it? To address this problem you must think in a metaphysical way. When you are dealing with a strong ENERGY the only way to conquer that ENERGY is to create a contrasting ENERGY that snuffs it out.

This simply means a counter-culture must be created. A culture that uses the music and sound of today to influence the youth. This can only be done by mirroring the intensity and forcefulness of the current culture of today.

Celebrities must become "Fallen Angels" they must be pulled down, ridiculed and discarded before the eyes of the World and Black children. You must strip every sense of power away from those that create this negative ENERGY. You must make examples out of them and tear down a youths idea that they can and should be the same as what they see.

You have to take away the sense of respect these negative people have and create an ENERGY of shame around their actions and mentalities.

That's the only way you can break down the power and barriers many of the youth have today in believing that it's ok to do anything for money. They must understand that robbing someone is one of the worst crimes a person could commit under the eyes of the Lord and this Universe. Robbing someone means you are taking away something that was metaphysically drawn to them in this Universe. It disturbs the natural order of the Universe.

Black men must understand that everytime they rob someone they are creating a "pressure cooker" of negative ENERGY around themselves that eventually effects their lives. Each soul they rob the Universe demands restitution for that action and the Universe collects it's pay in many different ways.

For anyone who doesn't think it's possible to regain the souls of Black men and our youth need to understand that they are slaves. They are slaves and the Universe will allow this slavery. It's the obligation of humans to continuously use the strength of mind God gave them to release themselves from oppressions. Those that do not do this and simply break under their conditions or tolerate those conditions are designed to eventually self-destruct.

I won't make this article long, most people don't read, lol but I do want to close this article with lyrics that demonstrate the cavalier attitude many Black men have when it comes to robbing to get money. This is a song done by 50 cent at the beginning of his career. A song that probably made 50 Cent look desirable to the secret societies that use Black men to spread damaging messages and ENERGY. I'll talk more about that later.

"How To Rob" (feat. The Madd Rapper)

[Madd Rapper]
The art of getting robbed
This is how we do Brooklyn style boy you know what I'm sayin?

[50 Cent]
R.I.P B.I.G, R.I.P P-A-C, R.I.P niggas that wanna OD
Aiyyo the bottom line is I'ma crook with a deal
If my record don't sell I'ma rob and steal
You better recognize nigga I'm straight from the street
These industry niggaz startin to look like somethin to eat
I'll snatch Kim and tell Puff, "You wanna see her again?"
Get your ass down to the nearest ATM
I have dreams of fuckin an R&B bitch
And I'll wake up early and bounce with all your shit
When I apply pressure,son it aint even funny
I'm about to stick Bobby for some of that Whitney money
Brian McKnight, I can get that nigga anytime
Have Keith sweatin starin down the barrel from my nine
Since these Harlem World niggaz seem to all be fam
I put the gun to Cardan tell him, "Tell your man
Mason Betha, haha, come up of that watch now
I mean right now"
The only excuse for being broke is bein in jail
An entertainer can't make bail if he broke as hell
I'd rob ODB but that'd be a waste of time
Probably have to clap him run and toss the nine
I'd follow Fox in the drop for four blocks
Plottin to juice her for that rock Kurupt copped
What Jigga just sold like 4 mil? He got somethin to live for
Don't want no nigga puttin four thru that Bentley Coupe door
I'll man handle Mariah like "Bitch get on the ground"
You ain't with Tommy no more who gonna protect you now?
I been skeamin on Tone and Poke since they found me
Steve know not to wear that platinum shit around me
I'm a klepto nah for real son I'm sick
I'm bout to stick Slick Rick for all that old school shit
Right now I'm bent and when I get like this I don't think
About to make Stevie J take off that tight ass mink
I'll rob Pun without a gun snatch his piece then run
This nigga weigh 400 pounds, how he gon catch me son?

[Madd Rapper]
[(Chorus) 2x]
This aint serious
Being broke can make you delirious
So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger
50 Cent how it feel to rob and industry nigga?

[50 Cents]
Ill catch P and Silk The Shocker right after the Grammies
And Will Smith and Jada ass down in Miami
Run up on Timberland and Missy w/the pound
Like you gimme the cash and u put the hot dog down
I figured it out
Been robbin Joe before that's why his ass
don't wanna be a playa no more
Mad at you I'm robbin J.D., FUCK YOU!! PAY ME!!
Had Da Brat with em, shoulda had his gat with him
DMX wanna get down well you tell homey
I'm on that Treach shit, I do my +Dirt All By My Lonely+
I should rob Clue man his shit did well
I wanna stick TQ but his shit ain't sell
I hit the studios take shit and leave
Catch Rae Ghost and RZA for them funny ass rings
Tell Sticky gimme the cash before I empty three
Ill beat your ass like that white boy on MTV
Cannibus wanna battle while I'm stickin them up
Nigga get capped coroners pickin em up
Heavy tried to hide his shit, nigga try to stall ya
He said "Why you robbin me I got _Nuttin But Love_ for ya!"
Caught Juvenile for his Cash Money piece
Told him I want it all he said, "Even my gold teeth?"
I caught Blackstreet on a back street in a black jeep
One at a time get out and take off your shine
Did you ever think that you would be this rich?
Did you ever think that you would have these hits?
Did you ever think that I'd flash the nine?
And walk off with your shit like it's mine?
I'ma keep stickin niggas until I'm livid
I'll rob Boys II Men like I'm Michael Bivins
Catch Tyson for half that cash like Robyn Givens
I'm hungry for real im bout to stick Mister C
That nigga still eatin off Big's first LP
I had Busta and the whole Flipmode on the floor
He asked me if I had enuff I told him "Gimme Some More"
Is you feelin this? Then wait for the sequel
I gotta get Kirk Franklin for robbin Gods People

[Madd Rapper]
For real yo you know what I'm sayin?
Niggas got to get stuck up that's just how it goes down
It don't matter if you an industry nigga or a regular nigga
It don't matter, if you got it and I need it I want it
50 Cents ain't fuckin around
Track Masters ain't fuckin around
Crazy Cat ain't fuckin around
The Madd Rapper aint fuckin around
So watch your backs, watch your pocket book, watch your pockets
Watch everybody on the train, watch everybody on the bus Cause we gonna get you whether you like it or not

Let me explain the ENERGY :

1-- Has the ENERGY of telling Brothers that robbing is a natural option for a Street Nigg*a when he needs money. It sends the message that that's what real Street Nigg*a's do. Being considered a real Street Nigg*a is the highest level of respect in the African American community. That is why it is difficult for positive Black people and accomplished Black people to penetrate minds. When they try to do so it becomes in vain because they have been labeled as being less than a Black man because they are not Street Nigg*as.

2--Has the ENERGY of making light of crime. It sends the message that Brothers who do what they want for what they want is an acceptable way of being sick. Being a sick Brother for the purpose of making money is ok in this culture.

3--Has the ENERGY of conveying that Brothers act on their emotion of needing money. It sends a message to a Brother that he should not feel comfortable without money. It sends a message that waiting for money, working towards money or the process of gaining money eventually should not be satisfying. The only thing satisfying is to get money immediately, that's what real Street Nigg*as do.

4--Reveals the ENERGY and mentality of what happens to Brothers who try to rise up out of their situation. Being robbed at the studio is a major concern for many rappers and rappers coming up. It's the same ENERGY and mentality of those who rob drug dealers in the community.

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