Fat Discrimination Is Real?

With so many fat and overweight people n America, it's hard to believe that blatant discrimination still occurs. The amount of overweight people in Society has only grown over the years. The statistics have become so shocking that many realize weight gain and loss has more to do with just having good genes. People are starting to realize that it's more then exercise too. They are also learning that it's not about trying to eat less. In fact there must be a combination of the three.

In this fast paced Society the types of food that people eat "on the go' contributes to obesity. One must exercise, eat smaller quantities and watch what they are eating. The latter being very important. Fast Food gives the ENERGY of convenience and contributes to the growing epidemic of obesity in America. An epidemic that is effecting children too.

The following video gives you a glimpse into the minds and hearts of overweight people who have been discriminated against.

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Photo: yahind.com

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