Bittersweet End to Detroit Discrimination Case

I'm about to say something that sounds mean but reflects the ENERGY of the situation. Remember that's what I talk about that's what I address, ENERGY.

Now this is the case of Ranesha Halliburton of Detroit who attempted to rent an apartment and was turned away by it's landlord. She claims that after she showed up with her father and boyfriend, the landlord came right out and said upon seeing her:
“No way. No way. It’s not for rent. I can’t do this. I’m not renting to these kinds of people.”
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It's sad that Ranesha was discriminated against. She seems like an upstanding citizen who's hard-working and honest. She's a nursing assistant and attends a nearby college and has no known criminal record.

It's easy, comforting and feels patriotic to our race to act like the ENERGY of the past explains all obstacles in the present but it does not benefit this race one bit. The character of this race has changed and the incidents of violence has grown over the years. Because of this many have fear towards this race.

I like to speculate how I would deal with these situations if I was in the person's shoes. Especially a case like this where the woman doesn't even know me but has seen the destruction of Detroit and is scared.

See, most Black people are emotional and I've never been as emotional as some. I could not in my heart  come against this lady and sue her just based on her reaction. I like to weigh the ENERGY of a situation for understanding. If I was a native of Detroit I could not simply hide behind the fact that in times prior Black people where discriminated against. I would have to be honest about the fact that Black people have changed for the worst over the years and the youth are more destructive.

If I was in Ranesha's shoes, I would have given the lady a chance to show that she was a decent person who has legitimate concerns. I would have stated to her that I too am aware of the violence and crime coming out of many communities. I would have made it clear that I oppose this violence and emphasized the fact I was a hard working person who simply wanted a place to live.

Many of you may be saying "are you kidding", but I am wise enough to know that you can't attack everyone that feels uncomfortable around you, some people have preconceptions and simply want to hear that you understand the reasoning of these perceptions.

I often ask myself why aren't people allowed to have preconceptions about Black people, why is it unbelievable that people would have them?

As Black people we never take the time to show contrast between our negative and positive Brothers and Sisters. It does not mean we should turn our back on the counterpart, but we have to address them with the sense of not agreeing with their choices. This is something that Society and the World wants to see and it's something that Black people have never offered. It's one of the reasons people choose to turn away from Black people as a whole. The idea of embracing this race seems as if every Black person is inclusive. Other people and races don't think in that way, so Black people seem peculiar.

We seem to stick together no matter what. This becomes intimidating, overwhelming and scary for most people. It's hard to know who the positive person is willing to know and/or bring around. That goes for anyone but again, we decided to make connections with our negative Brothers and Sisters no matter what. We even support them being famous before the world.

So, due to having a higher consciousness that understands the ignorance of this lady; I would have tried to give this lady a break because I would understand where she was coming from. Many areas in Detroit are beyond repair, and I can see why it's scary for people to anticipate where the people leaving these areas will land when they migrate.

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