Jamaican Lady Loses Control on NYC Bus

Jamaican lady goes nuts on NYC bus after she was asked to make room for a bigger lady so that she could sit down too.

Wow, this must have happened in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has a large West Indian population, so does the Bronx.

It's been a while since I've been to New York and fully absorbed the ENERGY of the area. I can only imagine how chaotic and tense the ENERGY seems. I have made several trips back home where I can feel slight differences despite my short stays.

Being from the Bronx, I've been exposed to many West Indians. I've always respected West Indians, especially those who grew up near me. Those who where more progressive then American Blacks. Many of them owned homes and had businesses.

However, being the highly conscious person I am, I cannot ignore what has happened to West Indians over the years, particularly Jamaicans.

Jamaica is experiencing a type of turmoil in it's country that I don't think people fully understand. Over the years many Jamaican's have adopted Black American gang culture. As a result, many of the issues experienced by Black Americans are mirrored in Jamaica. This country has less resources than America and crime is more dense due to it's size.

Jamaica's gang problem has caused many deaths and most of these deaths are the result of gangs. In 2009 there where a total of 1,680 murders 52 percent of those murders are attributed to gang violence, and 1,292 of those deaths where caused by the gun.

Why do I bring this up? Because it has to do with ENERGY

There are many Jamaican's touched by violence. There are many Jamaican's who reside here in the United States, but have family back home. Many of these Jamaican's don't feel a sense of ease, they have to worry about the safety of their family members who are back home in their country.

This takes away from their ability to be happy and carefree something I witnessed when I was growing up. To be honest many of them are downright nasty now. As I experienced when I went back home for a short stay. It wouldn't take much to irritate them. When people develop pressures in life sometimes they care less and react more.

Anyway, I can't attribute that to the actions of the lady in the video, but I think it's worth mentioning. It's worth mentioning because it's an example of how the negative ENERGY in someones environment can change the character of a person.

Note how desensitized the passengers are around her. It seems to demonstrate that this is common.

Of course it's also important to point out the fact that we have the Internet now so these incidents can be publicized. Despite this I like to look at the ENERGY of the action to discover the why of a situation.

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